How Does a LAN Card Work

A network connection can be established by a number of ways. It can be a network card, a network adapter, a network interface card (NIC) or a LAN adapter. These all are hardware devices that are made and designed to communicate over a network of computers. They provide two layers of security i.e. the OSI layer 1, which is a physical layer of security and layer 2 devices, which provides data security. The physical layer provides access to a literal networking medium and the second provides a low level of data security through a MAC addressing system.

A basic network card allows users to connect via cables or without any physical wire. A Local Area Network (LAN) card is used to provide wireless Internet access to computer users in home or roaming networks. The signals are exchanged with a router which transmits the signals over a physically wired line. Now the LAN cards have become affordable due to the enhancement of wireless networks each and everywhere.

Most of the LAN cards use any one of the following ways by which these verify the transfer of data. These can be done through the following ways:

The use of microprocessor is done to examine the peripheral system that is being controlled. The system’s address is used by the programmed input output to the peripheral bus to create an action. The interrupt driven input output lets the peripheral components which then tells the central processor to know when it is ready to send data or not. Finally DMA (a process) allows the peripheral components to access the central processor’s memory and lets it monitor itself.

Local Area Network card communicates with the router through radio waves and an antenna. As the computer processes only the binary data so it converts data into binary form and then sends it to the LAN card. The LAN card broadcasts signals to be picked up by the router.

The information is sent by the router in the form of packets and also helps in returning the information to the computer through LAN card in the same way by which it was sent and this process goes on like this. The Wireless networks transmit at a very high frequency to transfer large amounts of data.