How Does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture is a unique therapy that enhances and promotes the natural healing in the body and makes you body function in a proper way.  The experts of acupuncture insert the needles with the application of heat or electrical stimulation at an exact point of acupuncture.  The acupuncture therapy has been evolved in the Chinese culture.  According the classical Chinese conception there are channels of energy in our body that flows in a regular pattern in our body and circulates on the surface.  We often call these channels as meridians.  It is supposed that the energy carried through these meridians is supplied like a river that nourishes the tissues, blood flow, and nerve impulses in various parts of the body. 

Acupuncture therapy believes, that whenever there is an obstruction in the flow of the energy in the body, it indicates to certain disease.  This therapy suggests that any obstruction in the body causes the blockage of energy in any organ or part; simultaneously there is an irregularity in the flow of blood and nervous impulse.  This leads to the disease.  In the same therapy, the patients are acupunctured with the needles on this meridian.  The acupuncture therapy unblocks all the obstruction held on these meridians, and allows energy, blood, and nerve impulse to flow easily. Therefore, this treatment helps you to correct the imbalances occurred in the various organs, indigestion, and absorption and energy production activities.  The acupuncture therapy is done in two different ways.

  • When the acupuncture therapist needles the various meridians on the surface of the body, it either stimulates the nervous system to the release certain chemical stuff in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain.  Through this therapy, either you are going to experience the great relief in pain, or it regulates the hormones and chemicals inside the body and stabilize the abnormalities of internal organs.
  • The classical Chinese therapy of acupuncture believes in the negative and positive charge in the body.  In YINYANG theory, yin is a negative and yang is a positive charge in the body.  Whenever there is a misbalance in the positive and negative charge of the body, it leads to disease.  With the help of this therapy, the experts try to bring back the entire balance.  According to the modern sciences, the basic unit is body is cell, and inside cells, there is a movement of electrons. These electrons which the cell carries acts in a regular pattern, we also name it as a bioelectrons. The energy that flows in the body is a product of and is carried off to the meridians.  Meridians are considered as the pathway where these bioelectrons travels frequently in comparison to other parts of the body. Therefore, through acupuncture, the therapist creates balance in the bioelectrons in the body.

According to the acupuncture science, several factors affect the bio electrons or the imbalances in the flow of energy. it may be physiological, chemical, mechanical, biological or the hereditary factors.