How Does the Human Body Fight Infections

Human body fights infections by several methods out of which the most useful one is by the help of immune system. Other than this, different organs also fight and prevent foreign cells from entering the human body.

Fighting infections is the work of immune system so this system is concerned with fighting and preventing infections of the human body before or after it has infected the body. Many people think that immune system means white blood cells but actually white blood cells are just a part of immune system and not the whole immune system. Immune system also includes several other varieties of mechanisms which fight and prevent infections. Human body has several innate immunities which fights infections of the body all the time. Skin is an example of this type because skin prevents the foreign cells to enter into human body because it can be injurious for human cells.

Human body has several measures to fight and prevent foreign and harmful bacterial cells from entering the body. Some of them are acids of human body, mucus in stomach and guts and helpful bacteria. Acids of the human body destroys all the foreign bacterial cells that are found inside the body. Mucus in stomach and guts has the ability to trap small numbers of injurious foreign bacterial cells. Helpful bacteria cells that is present in our body checks that no foreign harmful cells of bacteria are entering into our body.

Our body has the ability to identify the foreign cells which has tried to infect that body before. Immune system fights or prevents these foreign bacterial cells from e3ntering the body. It is a type of white blood cells which are made up of bone marrow and thymus gland. These cells do not allow any identified harmful bacterial cells from entering the body and if it enters it kills them before it affects the body. Hence, our body doesn’t allows same foreign cells to enter our body once they are identified.

If the amount of white blood cells are low in your body, you can affected by lots of diseases and infections. This is because insufficient white blood cells make weak immune system which cannot fight much infections properly resulting in infections dominating the body. On the other hand, there are some diseases which can trick the immune system and harm the human body adversely. HIV and Lupus are some diseases which can trick immune system by making the immune system believe that all the cells of that body is foreign. Hence, immune system starts killing the protective cells of that body and as the result, that body cannot kill these deadly cells because immune system becomes weak. In other words, it acts like friendly fire and the body attacks itself.

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