How Effective Is Resveratrol for Acne

Acne is a form of skin affliction occurring during adolescence, caused by hormones. It can be hereditary but not due to diet and lifestyle factors. Excess iodine can also be cause for acne. It affects the face, shoulders, back and the chest. It may cause a lot of physical problems and mental agony to young people. However, they need not worry because over a period of time all symptoms will vanish automatically. Medication will help in reducing the intensity and also complete cure. But, the effect varies from person to person.

 Resveratrol is contained in red wine and is helpful in protecting cells from damage. It is claimed to be beneficial in the treatment of acne but there is no clear clinical proof about its effectiveness. Resveratrol is an antioxidant and preliminary studies do indicate that there is relief for people suffering from acne by its use. However, big and long term studies have not been undertaken for this assessment to be confirmed. Resveratrol is usually linked to reduce the risk heart disease among moderate wine drinkers.

 When Resveratrol in the right concentration is applied on the skin it does destroy the bacteria that cause the acne. This fact has been established. The effectiveness has been confirmed by people who have benefitted for treating acne. Even if it is not completely cured, a definite improvement has been reported by almost all people using Resveratrol. There are many natural products that contain Resveratrol. Grape skins, grapes, nuts, red wine is rich in this antioxidant.

 There are many products in the market all containing Resveratrol and made for treatment of acne. These products are meant for acne only and should not be used treating other skin ailments. Some set products in the market claiming to be meant for treatment for acne are really found robe useful to the skin to look more youthful. Therefore people who have acne problem should be careful in buying these over the counter products for treating acne. These products might have ingredients that may cause irritations on the skin which is already acne infected.

 Resveratrol concentration differs from one product to another. Drugs with Resveratrol for treatment of acne come in both cream and pill form. The pill form causes pain in the joints, upset stomach, numbness etc. The basic fact remains that unless long term studies are undertaken by people qualified for it and the results are obtained it is not possible to say categorically that Resveratrol has acne curing properties. Going by the positive experience of people who have used it there is no harm in using Resveratrol based creams for treatment of acne.