How Fast Does Human Hair Grow

As we all know that human hair grows just like all the other parts of human body. Hair growth is liked by many people but some people do not like it because they want to keep small hair or may be no hair. People like hair growth mainly because of one reason i.e. they will be able to change their hairstyle after it grows long. Apart from this one more reason of liking is that some people just love to keep long hairs for fashion. On the other hand, people who don’t like hair growth have one reason i.e. their cool hairstyle gets harmed. However, it is an advantage for people who like it because they suit themselves with the condition whereas people who do not like it get irritated and frustrated sometimes.

Hair growth is a steady process as the rate of hair growth per month is not very high. Human hair grows only 1.25cm (half an inch) every month so you can make out that it is not a fast process. In fact, a person can’t generally recognize his hair growth when he checks it daily. This happens because basically a normal being doesn’t measures his hair everyday by a scale but checks by naked eyes only without measuring through any instrument.

According to many specialists and experts, human hair growth gets affected by diet, age and general health. It means that hair growth of every person may differ because of difference in general health, regular diet and age. In a diet, more nutrients are good for hair because rate of hair growth accelerates if the person consumes food stuffs which have many nutrients. In fact, nutrients also help to keep the hair strong and sleek. Apart from this, vitamin E is also good for hair because it improves the overall health of hair of a person. It also makes the hair thicker, glossier and less prone to splitting. Many people think that shampoo and conditioner increases the growth of hair but this isn’t true as conditioners and shampoo has nothing to do with it.

It is not that the human hair will keep growing if a person consumes lots of nutrients because actually hair growth is limited to certain limit in most of the cases. Hair growth involves three stages in which the first stage is when hair is pushed out from the skin and it grows in an accelerating speed. The second stage comes when the hair growth stops and hair grows no more as follicle becomes dormant. The final stage comes when these hairs fall making way for the new hairs to appear on the head. Thus it can be concluded that human hair growth up to certain limit and after that it falls and makes way for new hairs to appear on the skin.

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