How Long Should I Breastfeed

God has given females breasts to feed their child. When a child stays in the mother’s womb, he or she gets feed from the mother through placenta. After the baby comes out, the placenta gets detached. Now the baby has to feed externally. But the problem is, the digestive system of the baby is not developed to digest general foods. This is why, the breasts are there on the chests of females of each and every organism, so that they can feed their new born babies with milk.

Mother Milk is a complete and balanced food. Each and every nutrient required a newborn kid is there in the mother’s milk. The mother’s milk is sufficient to help a newborn baby to stay alive and grow. No food other than the mother’s milk is required for the newborn baby. Apart from the nutrients, there are many other vital things in the mother’s milk. For instance, colustrum is present in the mother’s milk, in initial days after the baby born. This helps the baby to develop its immune system and helps the baby against several kind of diseases. For all these reasons, no mother should avoid breastfeeding. Now a question arises that how long a mother should breastfeed her kids.

It is recommended that for minmimun of the 6 month the kid should should only be on mother’s milk. However, a mother should breastfeed her children, till they grow enough to digest common food. At the initial days of breastfeeding, the newborn kid could not digest anything apart from the mother’s milk. But after a month or so, the kid can digest liquid and diluted food. So, the mother or the caretaker of the kid should feed with liquid food, apart from the mother’s milk. As the time progresses, the baby should be feed with more and more complex food. This process should continue till the mother manages to produce food. The mother should not stop breastfeeding, till he or she is generating milk.

The problem arises, when the baby is not enough grown up to digest any food and the mother fails to generate milk. This is really a serious problem. If any mother is facing such kind of problem, then she should rush to a physician without making any kind of delay. After all, the baby can’t stay for long without getting feed and at the same time, he or she can’t be feed with any other thing, apart from breast milk.

At the time of breast feeding a mother should eat rich food and she should eat a bit more than the usual. Rich food helps her to produce enough milk for the kid. At the same time, she should avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages.