How much Does Liposuction Cost

Surgery that is aimed at removing fat deposits from certain locations in the body is known as liposuction. The procedure is quite easy to perform though just like any other medical surgery procedure it has its inherent risks. Top on the list of risks is anesthesia complications and the possibility of an infection during or after the procedure. Other complications include swellings, allergic reactions, hives and difficulties in breathing. The risk of infection is often due to the openings in the skin which increase the possibility of an infection as bacteria can enter the body through such openings.

The price of liposuction will vary depending on several factors such as the area of the body chosen and the amount of work that is required in order to perform the procedure successfully. Cost will often be broken down in to individual costs such as surgeon’s fee, facility, medications surgical garments among other costs incurred during the surgery. Other factors also can affect the pricing of the procedure such as health of the person intending to have the procedure. That’s why the surgeon performing the procedure must take the person through a thorough assessment of their health history in order to minimize the occurrence of any unpleasant circumstances.

Usually the procedure entails about three steps which includes the following;

  • The surgeon in charge marks the areas of fat removal(this will have been discussed and agreed previously with the client)
  • A local anesthesia is administered to put the person to sleep
  • Excess fat is sucked out using a tool which resembles a vacuum cleaner.

Clients are often urged to focus more on the real benefits of the procedure rather than the cost of the process, however it’s not possible not to think about how much the process cost as it does not come cheap in most countries. This means that one needs to find out about the cost of the procedure in their respective states before committing themselves to the process. Most public and standards private insurance covers do not cover such procedures as they are not considered as basic health care issues. A person wishing to get a liposuction can therefore deliberately buy a private insurance cover to cater for the medical fees that will arise from the procedure.

Surgeon fees varies from one individual to another, a survey carried out in 2010 shows a rough average to be $2,887. Other costs such as facility fees depended on several factors such as the body areas that were being worked on, most of the rates average from $700 to $1200.One interesting thing to note is that liposuction is one of the most common procedures in the plastic surgery world. The procedure tops the list of surgeries that are non medical in nature in the US with 2010 averaging the list with about 200,000 procedures carried out. The surgeon’s fees are the determining factors of the surgery though the type of process required is also a factor to consider though not a major one. Women top the list of the people requesting for the procedure unlike men.


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