How Much Electricity do Appliances Use

Have you ever thought while watching your TV or heating food in microwave as to how much energy is been consumed by them. An honest answer would be a big “NO”. All of us don’t tend to think about the power consumption of all the electrical appliances at home till the day we receive that big chunk of electricity bill. Though there are several factors that could affect the levels of power consumption by various appliances, it is still important to have a rough picture of their usage which could help you in deciding in replacing few for a high energy saving ones or to restrict yourself in using certain heavy consuming appliances like geyser or room heater for extended hours.

Before we have a look into the energy levels of various fittings, let’s understand mathematically how to draw the estimation with a simple formula.

The energy consumption for the appliances is measured in Kilowatt-hour which is the daily consumption of energy in hours. Daily kilowatt hour= (Wattage x Hrs used per day) divided by 1000. Wattage of each appliance is generally printed on the downside which refers to the maximum energy that is consumed by that appliance which is depicted in watts. This simple calculation will help in figuring out the electricity consumed by all the household appliances.

List of appliances commonly used at home along with its wattage

  • Cloth iron box- 1000-1800watts
  • Microwave oven- 700-1100 watts
  • Television-65-170 watts ( depending on the size and technology involved in the TV)
  • DVD player- 20-25watts
  • Water heater- 5500 watts for 40 gallon
  • Refrigerator-380 watts
  • Personal computer-monitor-150watts, CPU-120watts
  • Hair dryer- 1538 watts
  • Dish antenna-15 watts
  • CFL bulb-18-20watts
  • Air conditioner-Room air conditioner-1000watts and central air conditioner-5000watts.
  • Washing machine-425 watts
  • Mobile charger- 4watts
  • Cordless telephone-3watts
  • Blender-80-100watts
  • Toaster-1200wats
  • Vacuum cleaner-1550watts
  • Dishwasher-1500-1800watts
  • Printer-45watts
  • Portable stereo-7watts

Thus with the help of the wattage for various appliances, you can easily draw an estimate of the energy consumption in your house thereby making efforts wherever possible to reduce the energy levels do a little of saving in the electricity bills.

Few tips to save energy consumed by the appliances

  • Have an eye on the working of appliances. In case of fridge, there are times that the gas filled has reduced or leaked or the coolant has gone bad thereby making the fridge consume more energy than required and would still look fine and working. Replace such appliances or fix the problem with the help of a professional at the earliest.
  • Try and avoid as much as possible, to switch off the appliances which are being used, be it fan or light. Put them off before leaving the room. This helps in lot of saving.
  • Many times we don’t realize that the appliances kept on standby mode are also consuming energy, though slowly and steadily. It’s always wise to remove the power cord from the plug if there is no further use of the appliance immediately.

These tips not only would help you in saving your power bills but would also go a long way towards green revolution.

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