How Much Should One Tip a Hairstylist

In today’s world of fashion, every person visits saloon for getting a different haircut. As today several other services like manicure and pedicure, shampoo and wax is also offered in a saloon people visit there frequently. If you don’t visit saloon frequently but want to get these things after regular intervals then you should know a basic thing i.e. how much you should tip a hairstylist or the person who gave the service. Though it is quite a simple thing yet you should know it because in big saloons it will help you.

Starting with the hairstyling, tip to the hairstylist depends upon the type of haircut you have got. If the hairstylist shows an excellent piece of work then you should give him good tip i.e. approx 20% of the total bill. Remember that tip is the expression of your satisfaction with the service taken. Hence you should tip 20% only when you think that the hairstylist has showed his best skills and has styled your hair as you wanted. If you are very unsatisfied with the haircut you may not tip the hairstylist because this will show your dissatisfaction with the service. In high standard saloons you generally have to tip 20% of the total bill but if this exceeds your budget then you can go to normal saloons and tip as per your wish. As saloons do not have any restrictions for tipping a hairstylist you should tip him as per your wish. It should be kept in mind that when you tip high to a hairstylist for excellent service, he gives you higher priority than other customers in future. On the other hand, when any hairstylist gives such type of service that is next to disaster then you should never go to him until you see his improvement. This is said because you will not like his service if he doesn’t styles your hair as per your wish and he will not like to style your hair if he doesn’t get tip.

Apart from the hairstylist, a manicurist should be tipped approx 15% of the total bill when you get excellent service. If the manicurist just provides a touch on your nails then you may tip him 10% because you received lesser service. More work from the side of manicurist makes him eligible to get more percentage of the total bill because he has spent much time in providing you his service.

The person who gives you shampoo also deserves a tip if he shampoos your hair accurately. If the person who shampoos your hair dribbles water while shampooing then you may not tip him because in this case he has not done his work correctly. Therefore, the conclusion is that tip should be given as per the level of your satisfaction.

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