How Often Should I Exfoliate

A person’s skin can be one of these four types: dry, normal, oily and sensitive or any combination of these. Amongst those who have a normal skin, tissue will not bring to light any signs of oiliness. Your skin feels lively, supple and vivacious. A normal skin’s complexion is healthy, looks and feels great. You need smallest amount of care to keep looking well. Those with a normal skin may exfoliate once or twice a day or whenever necessary. A sunscreen with low SPF factor is adequate for those with this skin type. Men with a normal skin need not take special care other than sunscreens and protection against pollution, as even your daily shaving routine is effective in removing dead cells and leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

One can characterize an oily skin by its greasy and shiny appearance. This type of skin proves a little tricky. Skin pores appear larger. One needs to perform a thorough exfoliation as many times a day as possible. One can achieve this by rinsing his or her face thoroughly with a face wash at least three times a day. You need to avoid those creams that make your skin appear oilier. Dirt and pollution tend to accumulate more and make your skin appear dull, sticky. Always keep a few clean tissues handy. Wipe on and around these sections frequently: nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks. Avoid oily food and excessive intake of carbohydrates.

Another skin type is the dry skin. Your skin feels flecky, dry and uptight after wiping it with a hankie or tissue. Wrinkles and fine pores easily develop on your skin. This skin is more prone to aging and wrinkling. Exfoliation causes your skin to dry out. Thus, use of a moisturizer is mandatory. If you over exfoliate your skin, you will end up drying and irritating your skin.

Many people principally have a sensitive skin type. This type of skin gets irritated and reddened easily. It is usually very dry and develops flakes or scales easily. This is the most annoying and exasperating as the skin is very fragile and more prone to breaking into spots. People with a sensitive skin type should consult a dermatologist with regard to the right choice of products.

Finally, many people will find they have a combination of two or more of above skin types. People with a normal plus oily skin can exfoliate twice a day or more as needed. Men should exfoliate before shaving as it helps in exposing the hair follicles.