How Safe is a CT Scan

CT Scan is called Computed Tomography or CAT i.e. Computed Axial Tomography is an X-ray procedure. It was developed during mid 1970’s. A CT scan obtains those images of the parts of the body which are not possible to obtain by using X- ray technique. This procedure is painless and used in many treatments for early diagnosing of the diseases. It gives an accurate and clear picture which allows the doctor to know about the disease in detail. It helps to know if a disease of one body part has affected any other part of the body or not.

A CT scan is a safe exam. A CT scan is a non invasive technique and it does not require you to stand in an awkward position if you are in severe pain. So far CT scan is considered to be safe and has not harmed any person. Unlike X-ray, it uses various angles to take the picture of the various body parts. You are exposed to a small amount of radiation which is not at all dangerous though it is little more than the radiation used in X-rays. In case of women, if she is pregnant then her doctor will tell her whether to go for the exam or not as in some cases it might be harmful for the baby. But with the increase in technology, less radiation is being used in CT scan too. The performance has been improved and it gives a more accurate and clear picture of the body parts now. But some of the doctors and scientists give an opinion that more use of this technique can lead to an increased risk of cancer as it is proved that large amount of radiation causes cancer in human beings.

This is not an establish fact though. Every doctor and every scientist gives different opinion and has different thinking on this. But still you should go through this method only when it is needed and you have a good reason for it. Consult with your doctor properly, consider its effects on the body and then only go for it. No doubt CT scan helps the doctors to spot problem in your body and as a result they can diagnose the problem easily and quickly but any exposure to the radiation without a good reason is not appropriate and not eve good for health. There are many other alternatives too but if your doctor has recommended for one then you can go for it.