How Should I Choose the Best Foundation Makeup

Every person wants to look beautiful and attractive in daily course of life as every person wants to compete with other people when looks is taken into consideration. For looking attractive, most people choose to use foundation which makes their face glow and make them look a bit different from the people who do not use foundation or any other make up item. As there are lots of types of foundation, one should always remember that it should be used for enhancing the look. It should not be used in such a manner by which people will feel that you have masked yourself with foundation.

For choosing the best foundation makeup for your skin, you need to consider several things otherwise you may end up choosing and using a wrong type of foundation. Wrong foundation always degrades your looks and sometimes it also harms your skin. First thing which you should consider for choosing the best foundation is formulation. It means that you need to know your skin and choose a foundation accordingly. If your skin is oily, you should go for oil-free or oil-control foundations. On the other hand, if your skin is dry you should buy moisturizing foundation which is hydrating or moisture-rich.

You should see the coverage of the foundation and know which coverage you really need for your skin. There are two types of coverage i.e. light coverage and medium coverage. Light coverage is to be selected if you have good skin but want to level few ruddy areas. On the other hand, if your skin tone is uneven you should go for medium-coverage foundation. Apart from coverage, you should know which colored foundations are to be used. Yellow –based foundations generally suits skin of all colors so this colored foundation are preferred more than other ones. However, if your skin tone is extremely fair then you should choose pink because it will be a cooler shade. You can apply strokes up to three colors on the cheek for checking. The one which disappears completely is the right shade for your skin.

Before choosing the best foundation, you should check several foundations which you think are better than all other foundations available in the store. For checking in the best way, you should take a small mirror and go out and stand in the sunlight. The foundation which seems to be disappeared in the sunlight is the best foundation for you because it mingles so well with your skin. You should not risk your skin for temporary beauty so you should return or exchange the foundation after you have bought it from the store thinking it as the best one for your skin.