How Should I Take Care of my Fingernails

Fingernails guard our finger tips. It is made out of tough protein named “KERATIN”. It helps us in fetching some tiny things, scratch ourselves…

Healthy nails are always with uniform colour and smooth texture. We need to gain some awareness about the structure of the nail to honestly take good care of it.


Parts of Nails

  • Nail plateIs made of keratin that protects tip of fingers.
  • Nail bedIs skin below nail plate.
  • Nail foldsThis skin gives entire casing to nail plate.
  • LunulaThe pale arc part of the nail plate near the base.
  • CuticleIt is the tissue linking the base of the nail plate and the neighbouring nail fold.  The combined structure acts as water proof fence for foreign bodies that cause irritation to skin.
  • Nail matrix Nail commences its growth from the nail root or matrix that is situated below the base of the nail plate. As new cells grow, eventually older cells become hard and compressed and are pushed towards the finger tips.

Caring for Fingernails

Added to trimming and nail art, you need to nurture your fingernails. Consistent care of fingernails is known as “Manicure”. Manicure improves fingernail condition and this manicure does not need any professional manicurist at all times. However there is no other option if you are lazy, running short of time etc for any other reasons, it can be done at your ease at home as well. None of the nail care products alone contribute towards healthy fingernails it needs personal care and attentions such as

  • Avoid using your nails as tools to prick things.
  • Never bite off nails
  • Do not keep you nails moist at all times; it is prone for fungal attack
  • Always trim your nails and file it consistently
  • Often moisturize your nails.

Nail Care Tips

To be free of yellow shade on nails, scuff the outer layer of the nail with an acceptable conditioned side of emery plank.  Apply anti-UV polish for its protection OR Soak your nails for about 15 minutes in water mixed with baking soda. Later massage your nails with chamois felt. The simplest way to get off yellow shade on nails is to rub lime on the tint.

Home treatment for nails to gain good physical shape

You require Tooth paste and tooth brush with some lemon and olive oil. Mix toothpaste with few drops of fresh lime juice. With the help of tooth brush clean your nails thoroughly all over and surface below as well.  Brush one nail for about 2-3 minutes.  After cleaning nails, wash your nails with warm water and soft soap. Place oil bottle in hot water for about a minute.  Take a small piece of cotton and apply warm oil on nails and cuticles. Repeat the procedure for one in two weeks.

Beauty or fashion is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger but care is a consistent feeling and boundless thing. Care for your fingernails, which are most significant part of finger.