How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo is becoming quite a popular method art especially in the modern times, with this possibility the potential for high income emanating from this trade has become too oblivious for most people. As results of the demand for this trade becoming quite lucrative more people are seeking to enter this field in order to create a niche for them. At times due to the desire to learn the art as fast as possible some beginners tends to buy wrong kits and then try to learn by practicing on volunteers and friends. Unfortunately this exposes the people who volunteer to a host of risk, while the budding tattooist who tries to learn through this method is not likely to ever become a professional tattooist. Becoming adept at the trade requires not only the will to learn but also careful instruction under a professional trainer.

To begin with the person intending to be a tattooist must be a gifted artist who can draw good patterns or pictures elsewhere; if not talented in such fine arts the person has no hope of ever becoming a tattooist at a professional level. Once you are sure that you are a talented artist its time to put the skills in to practice. Spend as much time as possible drawing on papers or canvas. Learn as many of the drawing skills as possible both from books and fellow artists, keep practicing again and again until it become second nature to you. It’s important that you build your own portfolio while the skills gained can be exhibited through different drawings that can serve as examples of the skills gained.

After this one needs to have someone that will put them under them as an apprentice, this means learning skills under a person who is more knowledgeable and professional than the apprentice. If it’s possible to get such a professional who can allow you to learn the skills for free then go for such practice, however this may not be possible and hence one needs to have enough resources to cover the fees required should the apprenticeship be charged. The charges can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the skills to be passed down and the time though this depends on the professional offering the apprenticeship.

The advice here is to seek for only the best professional to give the apprenticeship especially if they are going to charge you. It’s advisable to search through the various people claiming to offer such services in order to find out the very best of them. Only a master of tattooing will be worth the effort therefore don’t settle for every Harry and Dick in the industry if you are going to become adept at tattooing. The teacher will impart skills some of which are not related to drawing such as learning to clean the equipment, handle a tattoo machine and protect your client from infections. The apprenticeship has no formal training period so it will be up to the trainer to feel that you have learned enough before letting you go on your own.