How to Build a Collaborative Work Culture

Gone are the days when employees were made to work in an environment which was not less than prison and every colleague was considered as a tough competitor and boss used to dominate the whole staff. With the passage of time and advent of globalization, corporate culture across the globe has seen a drastic change. The biggest change that came was the breaking of the walls and accessibility of the managers and seniors to the normal staff. Cubicles have been converted into partitions to maintain the little privacy in work. Nowadays, organizations are rather encouraging an environment where they want their employees to give initiatives, share and learn in an open environment. They follow open door policy which lets its employees to share the things and grievances with the top management. More and more companies are welcoming this culture where the deadlines are important to meet, but they are met in a group. The individuality has been replaced by team work. Work is allocated to a team and it is the team effort which gives efficient results because a single person can never fetch the success by himself, no matter how hard working he is. Until there is not a supportive team, every simple task is impossible in today’s work culture.

It is a fact that collaborative environments have the success ratio of any projects and there has been a reduction of 25-30% in time taken for making a decision.

This has all become possible due to certain changes in the organizational behaviour adopted by the seniors and the management, they are:

1.Listen, understand and then speak:

This is the golden rule for a collaborative environment. Start listening to your subordinates and colleagues, understand their problem and give them the right solution. If you follow it, your employees will respect you.

2.Welcome suggestions:

This has been a good thumb rule for the organizations across the globe. By welcoming suggestions of the employees, they feel that they are important for the organization.It is not very difficult to create a productive and collaborative workplace. Here are some tips that can help you built a successful and collaborative environment.

1. It is very important that all the employees should be clear with the mission and goals.

2. Job responsibilities should be clearly laid down.

3. Cultivate a culture where employees are encouraged to learn and share.

4. Create a comfortable and conducive work culture.

5. Try to resolve any kind of grievance, small or big immediately.