How to get rid of Skin Tags

There are not many things in our lives that are as unattractive and as ugly as skin tags. It has even been studied that people have spent hours searching for doctors, dermatologists, skin specialists and even the internet for possible solutions and cures for the same. Not all people or doctors can take care of this problem efficiently in such a way that it does not re-occur. Hence here is what one can do to get rid of these nasty skin tags:

  • The first possible solution will be to visit a dermatologist. Now visit a qualified practitioner only, one who has been certified by the leading medical institutions of the country as inexperienced people are bound to ruin the skin even further. Also, remember that surgical treatments undertaken by dermatologists are going to be expensive and if you are wary of repeat occurrences, then this option will prove to be highly costly and will certainly burn a hole in your pocket. But a positive aspect of this surgical treatment is the fact that it does not have any side effects whatsoever. Methods like laser removal of skin tags, heating and removing the skin tags or even freezing them and removing them are all completely safe and will not even leave any marks on the skin that are noticeable or visible.
  • If you do not wish to shell out a bomb for treatments of skin tags and are at your wits end trying to answer the question as to how to remove skin tags, then natural remedies is the cure for you! Just tie a string to the base of the tag very tightly and then chop of the tag with a pair of scissors or a blade. Yes it is indeed that easy! But after carrying out the above procedure, make sure that you clean the area very thoroughly as it can easily become septic. If this occurs, then the best solution will be to use a good moisturizer and anti-biotic creams to heal the affected areas. However, it is best suggested that you apply any good anti-biotic ointment immediately.
  • Another home-made natural solution for removing skin tags is to make use of a mixture made up of castor oil and baking soda that we use for cooking. But this method is a time consuming one and it will take at least a couple of weeks to show satisfactory results. And you will have to continue applying the paste made from the mixture repeatedly for multiple times during any given day. Even a lapse of 1 day can lengthen the treatment.

The above 3 methods are tried and tested by many experts and can be relied upon. However you can even consult your doctor and get better answers to the question that has been bothering you since a long time; How to get rid of skin tags!

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