How to Know When He Is Cheating On You

Women and men have been in relationships since they were created and I would dare say that cheating has been around at least nearly as long. Men seem to have a propensity for the behavior, though women do it too. Fortunately, not all men are like this. There are a few out there that truly cherish a monogamous relationship and find the behavior sickening. In fact, this man is willing to reveal the signs and symptoms you need to look out for in a cheating man.

Here are some signs that can signal cheating behavior. Keep in mind that not all men that exhibit these signs are cheating. It is a general guide that is common to cheating men. Use discretion when applying these possibilities to your own relationships.

He works late, but it can’t be verified – Men do work late and it is sometimes quite normal. That said, a family man working late should be available via phone most of the time. If they are not available on a regular basis, it could signal that they are doing something other than working. If you hear the phrase, “Don’t call me at work…I am working late” quite often, You might want to look into things. No man should be unavailable like that except perhaps the President or someone that works in high-security positions.

He is way too protective of his cell phone – Cheating men will keep their cell phones as far away from the fairer sex as possible. That is their most common portal to their women on the side. Keeping it out in the open would be akin to telling you the truth. Men that don’t want their women looking through their cell phone are hiding something. It might not be cheating, but it is something. Dishonesty and hiding things like that is a sign that you need to get away.

He is distant and moody – Moody men are men that are deep in thought and don’t want to be disturbed. By nature, men are not especially moody creatures. We live happy lives overall and really don’t get upset unless something is getting in the way of our plans. If your normally cheerful guy is suddenly sullen and moody, something could be up. This is also a sign of many other things including constipation so be sure to keep that in mind.

He seems indifferent about sex – Sex is one thing that drives men. We seek sex from the day we are old enough to do it and it is a drive that consumes many men. That said, when he suddenly doesn’t care too much about sex he is either depressed, sick or cheating. Men that stop caring about sex is a very rare thing. Even when they are cheating they will likely not pass up sex with you. The man that doesn’t mind no matter how much you say no is the one to worry about. Sex is a barometer no matter what the pros say.

He takes trips without you – If you used to go with him on all of his business or personal trips and suddenly he is going it alone, you should be asking some serious questions. This is a common way for a cheating man to have time alone with his mistress.

He spends way too much time with his “friends” – This is another common ruse that men use when they want to cheat. It is easy enough to go have a few drinks “with the boys” and then go do something else. Most guy friends will back his play and it would be tough to figure out. That said, many men do just go out with their friends on occasion so this is a tricky one. This is one of those things you need to listen to your guy with, or pair up with something else on this list. Several of these things being true makes this one a dangerous relationship proposition.

He has done it in the past – Once a cheater always a cheater. The statistics back this general statement up, but I am not so sure it is always, 100 percent true. Men can change just like everyone else. That said, a history of doing it is a bad sign. The vast majority are going to eventually do it all over again.

He changes his appearance – Again, this is not necessarily a harbinger of doom for the relationship. Men do cut their hair and change their styles. That said, if he does it out of the blue without any thoughts or opinions from you, that is a bit more suspicious. Sudden is the key word here. If he has talked about shaving his head for a year or two and suddenly does so, that is likely no big deal. If he suddenly does it after keeping a long haired appearance for years, that might be a sign something is up.

You catch him lying – Lying is the one thing that every single cheater does. If he is doing it in general, then the odds go up that he is doing it with other things as well. The ability to lie to someone you love is not a good thing. That can signal horrible trouble in the relationship ahead.

You find evidence – Lipstick on the collar, receipts in the ashtray and unusual phone numbers that you are not familiar with are all potential evidence. You need to pair things up to be sure, but never ignore direct evidence when it is staring you in the face. That makes you a victim.

Your gut tells you so – If you have an uncontrollable feeling that your significant other is cheating, they probably are. That said, a lack of confidence can bring this about too. That is why you look at the whole picture. Your gut feeling is the icing on the cake. If you have some evidence and notice several things listed above, the odds are pretty high that your man is cheating.