How You Will Manage Your Web Server

The Internet Server Manager is your primary tool for managing the Microsoft Internet Information Server, whichis discussed below. However, Window/Linux Server comes with its own set of management tools that are discussed extensively below :

Performance Monitor : Record and tracks server events and statistics

Replication Manager : Copies information automatically from one server to another

Disk Manager : Helps on manage disks and to set up morrpred disk arrays

Backup : Utility for backing up and restoring files to magnetic tape

Auditing System : System for tracking user activity

Network Monitor : Tracks data transmission on internal networks

TCP/IP Network Utilities : A set of common utilities for displaying information about and configuring TCP/IP networks

Managing with the Internet Server Manager

You use the Internet Server Manager to configure the various options and services of the Microsoft Internet Information Server. This section provides a consolidated overview of the Internet Server Manager, whereas the remaining chapters of this book provide more detailed information about configuring specific property setting in the Internet Server Manager.

To start the Internet Server Manager, double-click its icon in the Microsoft Internet Serer Group.