In Fashion, What Does A-Line Mean

The popular fashion meaning of the A-Line would be a form of clothing that is narrower at the top, tapering gently wider toward the bottom thereby looking like the letter A of the English alphabet. Any piece of clothing be it skirt, dress or the longer tops of ethnic originality when shaped to be like the A alphabet are called A line.

This term was coined by a fresh designer for his collection in the early 1950s. When they were launched they became a rage and there was a revolution in the fashion industry. Everyone wanted to be in a lines and everyone who was making clothing was making A lines. This was popular for a decade and later lost its popularity and almost disappeared for couple of decades. There was a revival of the form in the 90s and they picked up again in the 2000s. In the present times the A lines have revived with a little difference from their original counterparts. Previous A form dictated very wide, extensive and usually long clothes without accentuating the body lines. This time around it is known for its new vision of A-form – short, slowly widen down, body emphasizing rain-coats and jackets from jeans and other materials.

What is the use of the A line in dressing industry. The A line is a shape which tends to go with wearer of any body type and infact it is ideal for people who have a rather heavy frame or a heavier lower body as it tends to hide that and makes the dress to come out smart and trendy at the same time hiding the not so good curves. A-line form clothes – narrow ups and wide downs – is an ideal form for plump women who want to hide problematic parts of body – wider hips, bigger tummy or round butt. There are typically no pleats on the A line apparel, for eg skirt. Buttons or zippers are used as fasteners in the A-lines and that too are kept at the place where they are not clearly visible. They may be hidden on the side or at the back. Even in some wedding dresses a lines are very popular as they run from top to bottom forming a single a without paying attention to the detail of the waist or the hip. If it is broken up in 2 parts then it generally has a coat which runs up to the waist followed by the skirt which then opens like an A towards the hemline.