In Fashion, What Is a Drape

A drape is typically a piece of cloth which is hanging and mostly comes from drapes for doors and windows (read as curtains). The inspiration for drapes in clothing probably comes from the drapes or curtains that hang over the doors or windows. The advantage of curtains or drapes is that they are flowing and without stitch and thus easy to manage on the windows and giving character to the room. The same advantage of the drapes is taken to the apparels by using them as a free flow piece of cloth that takes shape along the contours of the body of wearer, whatever the body type may be. It tends to give style and individuality, besides adding class to the otherwise normal clothing which can be seen on everybody in the present times.

This form of clothing has been used for centuries across the civilizations, including Greeks, Indus valley and other civilizations. Long before sewn clothes came into fashion and after cloth was made by man, the typical form of clothing was primarily piece of cloth tied around the body. The toga and the saree are some of the perfect examples of drape form of clothing. Ideally a soft fabric is used for drape as it takes the contours of the body while a rigid cloth will not be able to do that. Scarves, shawls and stoles are some of the popular forms of drapes that are used around the world. These are particular famous in the asian countries. Saree is a form of drape which has been in use for centuries and even today it is very popular and available in various fabrics, styles and colors to suit various occasions.

The other famous drape are shawls that too have been used for centuries and have been used as accessory of clothing and as a way to keep warm. The pashmina shawls are the precursors of the scarve. Shawls became famous in the western world but due to their large size were not fit for use in not to cold weathers and this lead to growth of smaller piece of drapes called scarves as such Scarves can easily be considered an offshoot of shawls.

When the shawls that came in the soft colors, became famous the demand for colorful drapes became increasingly more with passage of time. It was at that time that scarves were made with tassels at the end with a lot of vibrant colors. In the last couple of decades the scarves have gained immense popularity as a fashion accessory.