Is it Harmful to Crack My Knuckles

Knuckle cracking is a bad habit that can easily develop among the people who are under stress or sitting idle.  However, the same can be dangerous.  The regular habit of knuckle cracking can lead to arthritis, albeit there are least substantial results.  Moreover, with persistent habit of metacarpophalangeal joint cracking one can suffer from serious ailments.  There are chances of infliction to the ligament adjoining the joint, loss of grip strength, and unfavorable changes in skin over the knuckles.  To add, if a person is already suffering from the disease like osteoarthritis, it can lead to muscular and bones damage due to excessive mechanical pressure and sometimes, dislodgement of muscles around knuckles.

If you are among the one who has ignorantly developed this habit, do not worry!  Here you will find some of the elusive measures to get rid of this ugly habit.

  • The best way to get rid of the habit of knuckle cracking is to develop an alternative habit.  For instance, the patient can develop the habit of sketching, writing, or arts and crafts.  This would help you to engage your hands actively and simultaneously evade the idea of knuckle cracking both mentally and physically.
  • One of the effective remedy to knuckle cracking is to divert the habit to some other activities, which gives similar pleasure, such as stretching of wristband and snapping it inside the wrist.  However, there is a substitute to this option, alternatively you can also, tighten your fists with your thumb inside against the palm for couple of minutes.  This would help you to avoid knuckle cracking.  However, if the situation does not permit, you can also grab something in your hand.
  • During the medication, it has been observed that due to the lack of calcium; people develop the habit of knuckle cracking.  Therefore, in such cases the patient needs to increase the calcium intake via medicine and dietary products.  This would prevent the habit of knuckles cracking, and joint discomfort.  It also helps in rebuilding of muscles.
  • If you want a swift move, you can also try, sitting on your hands.  This appears a little funny but, if you try moving hands smoothly and quietly under your body until you count till ten, and simultaneously take a deep breath, this would really help you out.  This exercise relaxes the body, and is lucrative in stress release.

However, there are no chronic results related to this habit, but considering health issues, attitudes, personality and habit formation, one should avoid the habit of knuckles cracking.  It is surprising to know that among chiropractor, knuckle cracking is physical exercise to cure the hurts and pain, but regular and excessive use of this exercise can result in permanent injury of ligaments and reduced mobility of connected body parts.

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