Is it Really Illegal to Display the Swastika Symbol in Germany

The ruthless rule of Adolf Hitler and his ideologies were influenced by the ‘Master race theory’ about the superiority of the Aryans. The use of swastika was done as a symbol that reminded the superior races of their supremacy over the lower races like the Jews. It was under the Swastika flag that the Nazis performed the most heinous crimes in the history of the modern world. Owing to this fact, the German administration wishes to keep away the bitter memories of the Nazi regime and wishes to suppress any form of support for such ideologies. This is said to be the main reason as to why the display of the Swastika symbol in any form has been deemed illegal in Germany. The law is so stern that one is not permitted to make use of the Swastika even in an anti Nazi protest.

Anyone who makes use of the Swastika symbol and stirs racial hatred in any manner can be booked under “The Public Order Act of 1986”. Looking back at the history of the Swastika and its significance as the symbol of the Nazi regime would make it clear as to why use of Swastika is banned in Germany at present. Adolf Hitler came up with the idea of use of Nazi flags that contained the Black Swastikas at the centre. Such flags played a major role in the Second World War and spread messages of racial hatred triggering crimes against the Jews in Germany. It would be worth noting that the German soldiers who succeeded in the war and genocide were honored with a black Swastika as a mark of appreciation. Thus, since utmost importance was given to the Swastika in the Nazi era, it carried the message of racial discrimination with it, making it imperative for the German administration to ban its use in any form to wipe off memories of the ruthless rule in Nazi regime.

However, one has to note the point that Swastika is an important symbol in the Hindu religion. Therefore, there is displeasure in the Hindus in Germany as their religious rights are hampered by law. Also, the youth of the present times consider it a fashion to get inked with a swastika tattoo or wear trendy t shirts that carry the symbol of Swastika. Summing up, people of Germany feel that there needs to be some leniency with regard to the use of Swastika. With the changing world scenario, one can hope that in the future, laws with regard to the display of Swastika in Germany soften.

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