Is Massage Dangerous for Cancer Patients

There is a debate going over whether massage is good or bad for cancer patients. A very simple answer to this question is that you should ask your doctor about it. Clinical research suggests that it is beneficial in cancer as it reduces anxiety, pain, fatigue, nausea, depression and sadness. But the massage therapists should be trained in oncology massage as cancer is a very complex disease and there are so many types of cancer. In some cases massage can be beneficial and in others it can be dangerous too. So it depends upon what kind of cancer a patient is suffering from. Care should be taken while giving massage to the cancer patient as extreme pressure on effected area can lead to harmful effects.

Firm pressure on the body can lead to bone fractures. He or she should avoid touching the effective area. It can be dangerous if the patient is in the hands of an inexperienced therapist. The massage creams, oils should be selected carefully as it can have a side effect if the patient is going through radiation treatment. Skin problems can arise. If the patient is going through the chemotherapy then also care should be taken as the patient is at a high risk of skin reaction during this treatment. Massage should be very gentle and relaxing. It should take place on a massage table and the patient should wear very minimal clothing. Many hospitals and cancer patients also provide massage to the cancer patients now days.

Massage can be very relaxing if it is done in a right and proper way. It comes under the palliative treatments. The patients should also tell each and everything about their situation to the massage therapist so that he can give you the massage considering all the aspects of the disease. A simple head massage can also be very relieving. With a good and open communication between the therapist and the patient can give very healing results of massage. But one should not rely only on massage therapy for the treatment of cancer as it cannot cure cancer. It is just to bring an increased comfort to the cancer patients and to reduce their pain. It can have a profound impact to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. It is a supportive therapy in order to help a cancer patient to endure the difficult and painful treatment of cancer.

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