Is Syphilis Curable

Before we answer this question, it would be good to know what syphilis is. Syphilis is a disease that falls under one of the sexually transmitted diseases, which is caused by the Treponema Pallidum bacterium. One of the common names that have been given to this disease is ‘the greate imitator’ because it has symptoms and signs that cannot be distinguished from other diseases with similar symptoms.

Contraction of syphilis occurs when someone comes into direct contact with the syphilis sore. The main areas where these syphilis sores are found are on the anus, the vagina, in the rectum and the external genitals. In some cases, the sores can be on lips and in the mouth. This means that if one has anal, vaginal or oral sex with another one who has sores in these areas, they are at risk of contracting the disease.

Yes, Syphilis is  curable. Especially if it is diagnosed early. If it has reached its later stages, then it becomes a bit difficult. So how is the diagnosis done? There are some providers of health care who are capable of diagnosing syphilis by doing examination on the sore infected by the bacterium using a dark-field microscope. These microscopes are so powerful such that at any one point if the bacteria are present in the sore, they can be easily observed and identified.

Another diagnosis of syphilis is by carrying out a blood test. Normally, as soon as an infection occurs, syphilis antibodies are produced by the body and go directly into the blood stream. If a blood test is done and the syphilis antibodies are detected, then it is quite clear that the person may have the bacteria within them.

So what is the treatment for syphilis?

It has been found out that by injecting penicillin into the muscles, it would be possible to cure a person who has had the disease for less than a year. This is why this disease is mostly curable in its early stages. For those who have had syphilis for more than a year, more doses would be needed. There may be those people who develop an allergy to penicillin. For such people, there are other antibiotics that can help in dealing with this disease. It is important to note that there are no drugs bought over the counter or home remedies that have been found to cure syphilis. By using the above penicillin treatment, it kills the bacterium and prevents further infection although it will not undo the damage.

Regular screening should be done thereafter, especially for people who are involved regularly in sexual activity.