Is There a Difference Between Human Resources and Personnel Management

Human resource management and personnel management are two words which are closely related. If given attention, these words have difference in the job description they have to offer. This article would be discussing in brief the differences between the human resource and personnel management.

Human resource management is a type of management which involves the most challenging job of handling the work force. The human resource management involves developing the skill among the workers to achieve the set goal. Personnel management too is a management which is more administrative in nature.  This part of the management takes care of the payroll, salaries and the required laws related to the employees.

The differences between the two are mentioned below –

  • Human resource management jobs are looked upon with greater responsibility than the personnel management jobs. This is because; the former takes the responsibility to develop the skill among the employees and help in the organizational success. The latter is offered the less responsibility status as it takes care of the administrative role. It involves taking care of payroll, employment laws etc.
  • Human resource management can be considered pro active. This is because, it involves in forming of policies which directly helps in the development of the company’s work force. This takes a while to know its results and the required changes can only be made after following the policies. On the other hand personnel management can be reactive as it presents the facts as mentioned. The results are immediate and can be changed when required.
  • Human resource management involves itself in developing the culture among the team members. The right culture and work environment can help the team perform better. The personnel management would involve in administering the employees and the laws pertaining to the same. Here, at personnel management there is no emphasis given to team empowerment.
  • Personnel management department enjoys a independent status in the company. This is because; the personnel management can be done from outside the company too. Whereas human resource management is the most essential tool for an organization. Human resource management plays a vital role in empowering the team members to follow the mission of the company.

These are a few differences between the human resource management and personnel management. The strong combination of the human resource management and personnel management is necessary. This ensures the company to achieve the set mission.