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What Is a Backset

The accessories related door includes all the parameters that can define the aspects of technicality involved with doors. One such parameter is Backset commonly used in many countries. The backset means the exact distance involved between edges of door from the lock’s location on door.…

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What Is Glazing Compound



What Is Glazing Compound?

When the glass panes are installed the glazing compound is used.  This is nothing but the putty which is used to seal the glass to the base so that there is no water leakage. We have to know what a glazing compound is and when to use it.  The glazing compound has to be changed when the window glass is broken or there are any damages where the water leakages are there.…

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What Is Dimension Lumber

We all know that most of the wood workers are in constant lumber milling. There are processes that need to be followed during this lumber milling. This starts from dressing all the way till finishing the boards to make in unique and dimensions that are specific for each of their projects.…

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What Is Spackling Compound

Sparkling compound is a substance that is normally used for filling gaps and flawed surfaces before painting and wallpapering. Main component of the substance is Gypsum plaster made from “Hydrated Calcium Sulfate” and adhesive. Normally, it is presented in two forms that involves ready-to-use that can be mixed to a reliable form used for renovation work.…

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