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What Is Astaxanthin

Sometimes a word that seems hard to pronounce is one that has a profound meaning and even more positive health benefits. This often happens with medical terms and medicines or even injections for that matter. Astaxathin is one such term that many of you may have come across at some point of time in your lives.…

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What is Food Poisoning

Toxin food poisoning is caused by the bacteria known as Staphylococci. Foods that are commonly affected with Staphylococci are the meat products, synthetic creams, ice-creams and gravy of pies.

Besides bacteria, there are many other causes of food poisoning like:

  • The Presence of Metal contents in copper and lead pipes.
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What Is Mp3

Mp3 is a universal digital audio encoding format which came into prominence in the early 90s. Mp3 stands for MPEG-1 audio layer 3 and its compression rate is very high but it doesn’t affect the quality of the audio. The advent of peer to peer networking and high speed Internet connection made mp3 a popular file sharing format.  

Recording of voices and music has led to the evolution audio storing hardwares such as tapes and cassettes.…

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What Is Rap Music

Rap is a popular musical genre which rose to prominence in the 21st century.  The genre is also known as Hip- Hop or hip-hop music and consists of conventional rhythmic affects including rhyming lyrics in  the form of chant. Rap music gave birth to a sub-culture known as Rap culture or Hip-Hop culture.…

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What Is Ammonia

For instance the substance ammonia can be useful in eliminating stubborn stains from clothes. It can be useful for other reasons such as serving as a good nutritional source for organisms who can feed on ammonia in order to grow. The substance can also be useful for fertilizers that can help in gardening and other essential tasks.

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What is Radiology

Interpretation of the picture shown in an x-ray photograph is a tedious task. In order to rightly understand the x-ray pictures or the scanned photographs in the thin films, one has to undergo extensive training for a period of about 5 to 6 years under this specialization.

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What is Normal Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the main vital signs. Normal blood pressure means acceptable blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is defined as 120/80 i.e. systolic/diastolic. Blood pressure ranges between minimum and maximum pressure with each heart beat. It is usually defined in terms of mmHg, for e.g.…

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What is a Stoma

A stoma is a Greek word which means mouth or opening. In the medical language, the stoma means the end of the uterer or the bowel to a body surface. Stoma is of oval shape and is like oral mucosa. Stoma is often confused with the word Ostomy.…

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What is Yoga  

Religious spirituality is an entity that has a life and existence of its own, It has been observed that the devout devotees experience euphoria and divine enlightenment when they pray. Similarly, exercises also make one feel spirited and provides positive energies.

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What Is the Great Depression

It was the period of 1930 when the world economic downfall occurred just before World War II. Though different parts of the world started getting affected with it in different periods, but 1929 is considered as the main year and time when most of the gigantic economies were struck through the Great Depression.

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What is Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. Most of the teens suffer from this disease. It is caused when pores in our skin become clogged. Some other factors which also play an important role in acne are:

  • Dirt
  • Heredity
  • Bad food habits
  • Stress
  • Hormonal activity
  • Skin scratching of any kind
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Hot humid weather
  • Chronic constipation

One should always try to avoid all these factors which play a role in acne as prevention is better than cure.

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What Is Diabetes

The full name of Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus in which it is a metabolism disorder. Actually metabolism of the body means that it converts the digested food into energy and growth. The food we eat shall be broken in to glucose so as to give energy to all the parts of body.

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What is Herpes

Have you ever speculated what are those red spots on your lips or on your skin? They could be mouth ulcers or even blisters and patches. But look closely at them. They could also be signs and marks, which occur due to herpes.

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What is Folk Dance

In any of your trips to the Orient or the Dark Continent, you will find an interesting array of people. Stop in for some conversation and you will be delighted to find that they can speak and behave like the Westerners.

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What is Disney World

Are you searching for a hotspot, where you can have all the fun you wanted? I mean that there are so many amusement and theme parks in the world. But what about a large, mammoth park that has something for everyone.

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What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

The most highlighted and core sign is a missed period. Women with normal menstrual cycle can immediately realize that her missing a period may be indicative of her becoming pregnant. The problem will be with women whose menstrual cycle is not regular and periods vary from 18 to 30 days.

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How Do I Keep a Carpet Clean

You can’t give your home the best look possible look without using the carpets. Your living room would not be complete in any way without a carpet. However, you should not be satisfied, after buying a carpet. Carpets can give your home a glittering look, when they kept, perfectly cleaned.

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What is Dandruff

Dandruff is called to the flaky skin condition on scalp causing itchiness. It happens as cells on scalp keep on renewing making skin on the scalp all new. So, dandruff appears on the scalp when old dead skin is pressed to the bottom and out of scalp, making your skin look flaky.

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What is Toll

Toll is a form of tax, most commonly charged on the people for enjoying special privileges like Highways, bridges, roads and some of the phone lines too and the money collected from these tolls spent on the road maintenance or to fund various transportation projects of the region like local bus services.…

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