13 Reasons She Said No When You Asked Her Out

As you look in the mirror and try to figure out which hairstyle to go with, you can’t help but contemplate why she said no. You finally got the courage up to ask her out and you thought you had a chance…you thought you were a contender. In the end, you had yet another rejection to add to your collection and few clues about why. If this sounds like you, then you are like a large portion of men on the planet. Men are not very good at figuring out what they did wrong. It is not a natural part of our DNA.

After speaking with several women, I have figured it out. I have learned why she said no…. Here are 13 solid reasons she might have found you to be undateable at this time:

1. Your Cologne Made Her Cry (Sneeze, Throw Up, Go Into Seizures, Etc)

If you strongly smell your own cologne after a couple of minutes, you put on way too much. No woman is going to want to date a man that smells like an Axe factory. Go gentle with the bottle young man. A dab’ll do ya just fine.

2. You Stink Dude

If you forgot your shower after the ball game or skipped a few days, it is not the best time to go all Don Juan on a woman. While a very tiny portion of the female population might like body odor, the vast majority will count it as an absolute no-go. Clean up and quadruple your chances.

3. You Held Eye Contact Just a Bit Too Long

Staring deeply into her emerald eyes for a long moment is sexy. Doing so for a solid minute is odd. Staring for two or three minutes makes you serial killer material. Don’t hold eye contact so long that she wonders if you are considering eating her brains. That won’t have a positive outcome and word will spread about you.

4. You Used the Love Word

If you have never gone out with the girl, you don’t love her. You might be in heat, you might be infatuated or you might be drunk, but you are certainly not in love. Remove this word from your dating lexicon immediately and don’t bring it out again until you have known the girl at least a week. (I kid…give it at least a month)

5. You Tried To Talk Her Into It Beforehand

Women can’t be “convinced” that you are a catch. You can throw out all your best attributes and set the stage all you want, but the simple fact is she will only say yes if you are attractive to her. (Or rich which is another category completely). If you feel the need to tout yourself that much, they are going to see right through your lack of confidence most of the time.

6. You Tried to Meet Her Parents

If you literally tried to meet her parents, quit now. You are beyond help. What I mean here is that you came on too strong. Don’t ever reveal how much you like a girl right away. Let her get to know you and you get to know her before showing your hand.

7. You Thought You Could Make Her Feel Sorry For You

Any date that is given out of pity is not going to end well. Don’t be so self-deprecating. Be confident and deliver your request as though it is a given that she will say yes. You have nothing to lose.

8. She Fell Down In Your Sweat Puddle

Dude…it is a date request. You are not being led to slaughter in front of millions at the Roman Coliseum. If you are so nervous that you are sweating through your clothing, just wait until you can calm down. Nobody needs to be nervous here… You simply ask and get an answer.

9. Her Friend Just Said No

We men can be very bad boys. If a girl says no to you and you turn around and ask her friend out five minutes later, you get what you deserve. Choose more carefully next time.

10. Your Idea of Body Language Was Farting With Your Arm

Women see no humor in fart noises most of the time no matter how funny we might find it to be. Burping the alphabet is a talent best left for after the wedding as well. Women are looking for bodily clues as to whether we are good partners or not. It has something to do with mannerisms, the way we hold our arms and how strong our jaw is or something. I might not have a good hold on what they ARE looking for but I know they don’t want fart noises.

11. You Forgot That Breath Mint

Carry some dang Tic-Tacs fella! Oral hygiene is perhaps the easiest thing to cover when asking a girl on a date. If you can’t do the basics, you have little chance of scoring that date.

12. You Tried to Throw Her a Line

It is really hard to imagine how anyone would use a pickup line. They are literally the source of jokes at this point. Don’t be the butt of the joke. Speak to women with respect and try to understand that lewd comments will not get you the reactions you were looking for.

13. You Told Her the Names Of Your Future Children

I realize that some women want kids in a desperate kind of way and that men who are not afraid of commitment are attractive in some situations. Talking about weddings and children before you even ask her out though is a sure-fire way to get turned down. Why would you do that? (Yes, it has happened more than once)

These are only a handful of potential pitfalls you might have encountered. Most mistakes are easily identifiable, so take note when you get turned down. Next time, consider them before putting yourself in harm’s way…