Short Term Unsecured Loan

Shortage of money is always a problem. When a person needs money for short duration then the best option for him/her is to apply for a short term unsecured loan.This loan is available without any collateral requirement. Through these loans one can derive speedy cash assistance without the obligation of collateral placement. This helps to settle urgent cash troubles within due time.

In This article we will briefly came to know about short term unsecured loans.

This is a type of loan which is taken for small amounts which is given without any collateral security.For example, a person getting a personal loan to buy a laptop or furnishing a house. The rate of interest is usually higher and credit rating are also considered in short term unsecured loans.Short term unsecured loans are a great fiscal deal that allows one to obtain quick cash for urgencies without placing any collateral against the loan. One of the good things about short term unsecured loans is that credit standing does not matter a lot , So even if a person does have a bad credit standing, he can still avail of the benefits of short term unsecured loans.

Unsecured short term personal loans pose a higher risk for financial institution, as they have nothing to repossess if borrowers cannot fulfill payment obligations. To make up for lack of securty, banks charge high interest rates for unsecured loans.The unsecured loans can be used for house construction, education purposes, and health purposes.This is the popular type of credit in the U.S., an short term unsecured loan in U.S is given on the basis of credit history of a borrower. Goodwill works greatly to secure an short term unsecured loan in the U.S., since it is not secured by anything more on the value and recognition is in the mortgage market. In other words, the creditworthiness of the enterprise and its goodwill acts as a security for the lender.


1. A short-term loan covers a short period, with the intent to pay it back as quickly as possible.

2. Online unsecured loans are available very easily and the amount is also transferred very easily into the account of the person and the procedures take very much less time.

3. The unsecured loans are very profit generating for the lenders.

4. A good or bad credit rating is irrelevant while arranging short-term unsecured loans.

5. Overall process of short term unsecured loan application and approval is faster than secured loans, mortgages and home equity loans.


1. Unsecured loan though are not so much good type of loans as the interest rate is very high as compared to other loans.

2. The risk involved in the unsecured loans is very high as compared to other loans because of the absence of the any guarantee.

3. Large amounts of money can not be borrowed as an short term unsecured loan. Borrowers can only get unsecured loans of maximum £15,000 and it will rise to just £25,000 that too very rarely.

4. Repayment terms and conditions of unsecured loans are very rigid. Only lender has the right to decide the amount and repayment schedule of the short term unsecured loan, which is a must to follow for the borrower.

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