Should I Buy an Internal or External Hard Drive

Buying a hard drive depends upon how the user uses the machine i.e. how confortable he or she is by installing hardware and how much effort the user wants to go through. Adding an External Hard Drive is the easiest approach among the two. The user just has to purchase the hard drive and just has to plug it in and thus the user can instantly access the hard drive. The storage capacity can also be increased but that depends upon which drive the user is purchasing. It is considered a best solution for many needs. While an Internal Hard Drive requires more effort to be installed and then used by the user. It is so because the user needs to fit the drive into the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and thus is not just a plug and play device.

An Internal drive is slightly faster than External drive because of the lack of the bridge chip, and USB connection. This acts as one of the biggest downside for external drives. Installing an additional drive into the machine is the best way to get the maximum performance out of a new drive. It also does not require an additional external box that the user needs to plug in. But the user needs to make sure that the computer has room for an additional drive, and that the computer’s power supply is sufficiently powerful to handle the extra load. One main issue which is there in case of Internal Drives is that that it does share the same power supply as the CPU, so if that crashes or dies then both drives can be damaged. If the CPU cabinet is poorly ventilated i.e. more heat will be created by two drives, it shortens the life of the drive.

While in External Drives, no such issues occur. Mainly the choice is of the user; if the user needs to carry huge data then an external hard drive is better. But if there is no such use then the user should prefer internal hard drive. As the transfer speed is fast and it is cheaper too. In special case, i.e. of laptop, the internal drives are more expensive than external drives so the laptop users prefer external drives over the internal ones. An external drive in Ext3 format may perform better than the internal drive it requires NET menu in order to transfer files to the USB drive in Ext3 format.

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