10 Ways to Tell That He Really Likes You

When you first start dating, it is very easy to lose sight of what is going on in the other person’s head. In the excitement that a new relationship can bring, it is very easy to get caught up and become blinded by your happiness. Because of this, men and women all over the world end up getting their hearts broken over and over. What if there was some kind of a checklist? Would that help us to stop diving in headfirst?

It was with this theory in mind that I created this list of 10 ways to tell that he really likes you. As a man, I am compiling this list from experience. Here they are in no particular order:

He Calls You for No Good Reason

Men generally are not going to call a woman out of the blue unless they are very interested in seeing them again. This does not mean necessarily that they are in love with you, but you can feel pretty confident that they dig you. Calling back when they are expected to is not necessarily a sign that they really like you. Not calling back when they are expected to is a bad sign, though. Men calling women for no good reason is always an excellent sign that they are really into you.

His Eyes Remain on You at All Times

When you go out together, did his eyes wander to other women? If so, you can feel pretty certain that he is not very interested. There are men out there that are constantly looking for other women no matter how much they like someone. This is not a great situation for you either. What good is it for a man to like you if he is going to like everyone else too? Pay close attention to a man’s eyes and you will see into his soul.

He Introduces You to His Family

I have yet to see a man introduce a woman to his family unless he is pretty well crazy over her. There are only a few reasons why a man will introduce you to his family and all of them are good. When a man finds a woman that he truly loves, it is natural for him to want to show her off to his family. This is also important because it will allow his family to get to know her.

He Involves You With His Friends

Men love showing off a woman to their families, but they really want their friend’s approval. If he starts bringing you along for the time he spends with his friends, there is a better than decent chance that he thinks you are awesome. A woman that loves a man’s friends is a woman that has a direct line into their hearts.

He Hangs Around… With or Without Sex

Most men will not hang around very long unless there is at least a perceived chance at sex. This is a sad statement for our society, but it is true. The good man, however, will be with a woman regardless of sex. Some women need more time to be able to share that, and still others prefer to be married first. Whatever the woman’s choices are, a good man that is happy and content will hang around.

He Holds Your Hand When You Are Out in Public

This little gesture is actually a bit of a big deal. Holding hands in public is something that most men will avoid if they don’t want to be tied down. Of course, this is not true of every single man but it is indicative of a large percentage. A man that is still looking or unhappy generally will avoid public displays of affection.

He Is Interested in Your Past

If a man wants to know all about your history, that is a very good sign. Most men want to settle down with someone that is compatible, and your history will tell him much of what he needs to know. Questions about religion, family background, wants and desires are all very good signs that he likes you a great deal. Even more, telling is when a man does not inquire about these types of things. That type of man is either looking for one thing or really not that into you.

He Dedicates His Time Off to You

A man’s time off is extremely valuable to him and he is not likely to waste it on a girl that he does not really like. If he only spends time with you on the convenience breaks in his day, that is a very bad sign and you need to break it off. Convenience breaks are things such as lunch dates, late-night dates and breakfast dates. Wanting to spend these times with you is not a bad thing in and of itself, but if that is all you’re getting then you need to walk away. The only exception to this would be a man that works so many hours that this is all he has left to offer you.

He Shares His Past With You

Just like an interest in your past is a good sign, a man sharing his own past with you is also a very good sign. Men are private creatures in general and is not natural or comfortable for most men to open up in this way. If and when you find a man that is willing to do so, know that he is totally enjoying his time with you and planning on bigger things. There is absolutely no reason to share all of his past with you unless he is looking towards the future.

He Stops Dating Other Women

This is absolutely a big one. I have spoken to many men and gotten their opinions on the situation as well. A man that is dating someone else while he is dating you is really not all that interested. When a man finds a woman that he is truly in love with, he is going to want to spend all of his time with her. He also will want to know that she is only with him… That is impossible to expect if he is out with other women himself. A man in love will act like a man in love.