Sexual Healing – Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

A boring sex life is not beneficial for anyone when it comes to relationships. Sex should be fun, exciting and full of adventure. While not everyone will embrace the adventurous side of sex, there are plenty of ways to spice up a sexual relationship that has become stagnant. Here are ten great ideas to boost your sex life and get your relationship back on track:

1. Reconnect With Your Passionate Connections

Every couple has places and things that ignited their sex life in the first place. Perhaps it was a specific song, place or smell. Maybe it was an outfit or another such turn on. Whatever it was, go back to it. We are often tied to visions, smells or atmospheres when it comes to sexual desire. Return to what turned you on in the first place for a nice boost.

2. Dress it Up!

Sexy outfits are not going to hurt you one little bit when it comes to sex. Why not? Roleplay a little bit and pretend you are a sexy nurse or maid. Guys can dress up as a pool boy or soldier. Whatever strikes your fancy at the time is just fine and tons of fun. Give this a shot if you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

3. Try Something Unusual

Nothing can turn sex around quicker than trying something new. If you always have sex in the missionary position, turnover or try something new. There are hundreds of positions that can make you see sex in a whole new and exciting way. If you have never tried oral sex, give it a shot. Some people are into bondage and fantasy role playing. People often find they love things once they try them, so don’t be shy. Give it a try!

4. Remember Foreplay

If you don’t warm up the oven, the biscuits will never bake. Spend some time exploring each other’s bodies. Take the time to touch all the spots that feel good before even considering heading to the main attraction. Foreplay is something you hear women speak about all the time and with good reason. It is the key to explosive sex and orgasms! What many men don’t understand is that foreplay also makes for much larger orgasms in themselves as well. Men and women both benefit from foreplay.

5. Time Your Orgasms Together

Speaking of orgasms, try to learn to have them at the same time. This takes a ton of practice but it can make for a very fun evening. Don’t give up just because you fail a time or two. Keep at it and you will eventually time it just right. Orgasms at the same moment are like none other in the world. The two of you moving in time together and then having a huge orgasm at the same moment will change your sex life forever.

6. Introduce Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to explore and find those secret spots that get missed. It also helps you both to be completely relaxed and comfortable before sex. Massage is also extremely healthy. Spend time loving on each other before and even after sex to grow closer and bring your sexual life to a new level. Massage will give you plenty of time to warm up and loosen up before you move on to the main event.

7. Get Spontaneous

There are few couples out there that truly live in the moment. When you do so, you might run home on lunch just to be with your honey for a half hour of love. You might skip supper simply because you got steamy together while it was cooking. You might decide at the very last minute that a night of kissing and sex is far superior to that dinner party….Get the idea?

8. Don’t Shun Quickie Sex

Quickies have gotten a very bad reputation but they can actually be very good. If a woman and man are passionate about one another and are both feeling it, a quickie is a great way to add some sizzle to their sex life. Having sex in what feels like a hurry can make it feel brand new all over again. Enjoy it whenever it pops up and you will find yourself feeling like you are twenty-something again. Sometimes the quickest ones are the most powerful.

9. Romance One Another Before and After

Kisses are vastly underrated. If you truly want to heat the fires, spend time kissing. Kiss the neck, sides, back, legs, knees, feet, arms and hands. Trace every last part of their body with your lips. Then hold them tightly and let them know that they are the center of your universe. There are few better feelings than to be loved and held. This should be mandatory before and after every single session. Romance goes beyond sex, though. Spend some time together doing things that you love. Have a nice dinner and go dancing.

10. Change Locations

It is not exactly necessary to move to Mexico here but you can go to a different room. Moving around and trying different places can make sex feel brand new. Try going into the living room or having sex in the shower. Get a hotel and just enjoy being someplace new where nobody can bother you. Eliminating the distractions is often enough to send sex through the roof all by itself. When things are particularly drab in the bedroom, consider taking a vacation dedicated to only exploring one another’s desires and bodies. That should help you get your focus back.

Getting better sexually is normally about reconnecting. Two people that are sexually compatible will have certain things that turned them on in the first place. When sex becomes boring it is usually because they have lost sight of those things, or because they need to try something completely new. If you and your partner are suffering from these types of problems and need to spice things up, these ten things are a great place to start. You can rest assured that they will get you moving in the right direction again.