What are Aerobics

Exercise is must for our body. What exercise for your body type is best is the question which comes in front of everyone. There are two types of exercises, Aerobic and anaerobic. Anaerobic exercises involve weight lifting and strength training which is less efficient in burning fat. Aerobics means ‘oxygen’ or in the ‘presence of oxygen’. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a physician at the San Antonio Air Force Hospital in Texas, who coined the term ‘aerobics’ to describe the system of exercise which prevents from coronary artery disease. It was originally devised for astronauts but soon realized that the same exercise can be helpful for the general population too and thus the other forms of aerobics came into existence like dance aerobics, step aerobics, water aerobics. Sport aerobics was developed by Howard and Karen Schwartz in 1983.

In the year 1989, Gin Miller, a competitive gymnast had an injury. To cure her injury she used her porch steps to step up and down and included music to reduce boredom and this is what now called as step aerobics. Aerobics is more efficient in terms of fat burning. Aerobic activity trains the heart, cardiovascular system and lungs and delivers oxygen to each and every essential part of the body. Aerobic exercises are used to lose weight and re-gain your health. Aerobic activities include walking, swimming, running, cycling, jogging, skipping, treadmill, rowing machine, fitness walking, stair climbing etc. It does not require any special kind of training and classes. That is why it is more popular than any other form of exercise. Aerobic exercises are short in duration and high in intensity. The lack of physical activity due to the technological advancements has given birth to many health problems. The fitness levels are positively affected by aerobics. It enhances the circulatory and respiratory efficiency and a larger amount of blood can be pumped with each heartbeat. The best part about aerobics is that you will enjoy doing it.

Aerobics can be high impact or low impact. In low impact aerobics, one foot is always on the floor and supports the weight of the body. The high impact aerobics take both feet off the floor. There are many types of aerobics like water aerobics, dance aerobics, sport aerobics. Water aerobics can be enjoyed during summers like swimming. It is good for the people who have arthritis. If you enjoy dancing then dance aerobics is for you. It is loved by the young crowd. This type of aerobics helps you in maintaining all round fitness. Sport aerobics is little hard and involves gymnastics but it keeps the aerobic fun. It is important thing is to start with low impact exercises and then move to high impact exercises. Start with shorter duration and then slowly increase the time for exercise. If you will start exercising suddenly and that too for a longer period of time it will have negative effects on health. Before starting any kind of exercise, you should take advice from the aerobic trainer or from your doctor whether you are fit for this kind of exercise or not.

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