What Are Androgens

Androgen is also known as male reproductive hormone which causes development of male sexual characteristics and reproductive organ such as testes. Testosterone and inhibin or actin are together called androgen. Testosterones are secreted by testes and inhibin and actin are secreted by pituitary glands.  

What is androgen?
The pair of testes which are contained in the scrotum of male are responsible for the secretion of male sex hormones known as androgens. Androgen is composed of two male sex hormones, testosterone and inhibin or actin. The androgens are responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics in males. Adequate secretion of androgen is needed for full development and proper functioning of male reproductive system. Inadequate amount of androgen can lead to impotency and can hamper male psychology which is important for the development of male reproductive system.  

Testosterone: the renowned androgen
The group of interstitial cells or Leydig’s cells  secretes testosterone. These interstitial cells are located in the connective tissue, which are found between sperm producing tubules, commonly known as seminiferous tubules. The luteinising hormone stimulates interstitial cells to secrete testosterone. The luteinising hormone are present in the anterior lobe of pituitary gland. A sudden increase in testosterone level in blood suppress the secretion of luteinising hormone. Thus, low level of luteinising hormone indicates over-secretion of testosterone and it is considered as a negative sign. Testosterone is responsible for the full development of male reproductive system.

Inhibin and Actin
Inhibin is responsible for the inhibition of FSH or Follicle stimulating hormone and actin activates FSH. FSH is needed for the stimulation of spermatogenesis in males. Spermatogenesis is the process which is required for the development of spermatozoa in testes. 

Role of androgen

Primary significance

  • Androgens acts as a stimulant in the growth and functionality of male reproductive system.
  • Androgen develops accessory male characteristics such as intensifying of voice, growth of facial hair( moustache and beard), development and distribution of hair throughout the body, enlargement of bones and muscles, broadening of shoulders and strengthening of bones and muscles.  Thus, androgen plays an important role in the development of male.
  • It is responsible for spermatogenesis or development of sperm cells. Androgen and FSH conduct the production of sperm cells throughout adulthood.  

Secondary significance

  • Androgen is responsible for male sexual behavior and sex drive.
  • Androgen suppresses the accumulation of fats in male, especially in the abdomen.

Reduction in androgen secretion

Infertility is major shortcoming and is the result of low level of androgen. Low level of Androgen reduces sexual characteristics such as behavior. It has a severe impact on the growth of a boy. Androgen will affect the physical growth of a male. If a man doesn’t have body hair and facial hair then androgen secretion is irregular.

Androgens are the male version of estrogens and are accountable for the growth of man. Androgen is also known as testoid and was discovered in 1936. Synthetic androgens or steroids are prescribed to treat androgen irregularity.