What are Antibiotics

Antibiotics are generally used to treat number of diseases and ailments and is thus known to be one of the magical discoveries all over the world.  It is also important to use a antibiotic in a prescribed and proper manner so as to avoid its adverse effects on the health due to any over dosage or misuse. 

The antibiotics are known to play the role of fighting bacteria but not the viruses. People suffering from tract infections or cold and flu are unable to recover from the disease despite of taking a complete course of the prescribed antibiotics. This is mainly due to the reason that the main agent causing the infection of upper respiratory tract is the virus and not the bacteria. 

Antibiotics are considered not to work well on the virus infected diseases. They are actually known to have the least positive effect on sore throats or tract infections. A doctor will therefore first acquire to know the exact cause of the problem whether it is a viral or a bacterial infection and accordingly prescribed the antibiotics to the patient. 

Antibiotics are known to prevent the disease by curbing the spread of microorganisms that causes various infections. However, it is also true that several microorganisms have their unique way to protect themselves.  Therefore any casualness on part of the patient in taking a complete dosage of antibiotics for prescribed period of days may lead to the recurrence of the disease and adversely affecting the health of the patient. 

A person must also not forget that a combination or interaction of two different drugs can produce more harmful effect within the body. It therefore becomes far essential to give a complete knowledge of the continued drug to your doctor before he tries to replace it with the new drug. 

In case if the patient is undertaking alternative medicines like homeopathy or herbal treatment, it is essential to make the doctor aware of the past treatment so that he can prescribe the antibiotics and its dosage accordingly. With any over dosage of the antibiotics, there is also a possibility of increase in the bacteria resistance power. This is time when any antibiotic shall have a least effect on that particular type of bacteria. 

In case of wider range of bacterial infections, an antibiotic of a broad-spectrum is utilized to treat the infections. On the other hand narrow-spectrum antibiotics are used to treat a few of the types of bacterial infections.

The main targets of the Antibiotics are the microorganisms like parasites, fungi and bacteria. Antibiotics are also called as anti-bacterial medicines that can fights bacterial infection as well as bacteria that produce the disease.