What are Antioxidants

Researches have revealed the fact that Antioxidants save our body from the damages caused by free radicals that may cause even heart problems and cancer. These can be got from almost all the fruits and vegetables alongwith cooking as well as medicinal herbs to save our body from the destructions caused by oxidation of cells of our body. It has been declared through several researches that different botanical structure of vegetables and fruit are important for the instigation of phytochamicals as Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are needed to reduce the effect of oxidation on our body cells. Oxidation is a chemical reaction in our body that produces free radicals which perform a sequential reaction to destroy cells in our body. Antioxidants play a vital role in removing these free radicals and reducing the effect of continuous reaction created by them, which are found in the form of reducing agents like ascorbic acid, polyphenols or thiols. 

Free radicals are created as the part of our body structure, naturally or environmentally, by the use of pesticides, smoking, radiations as well as pollution. These vibrant radicals react with the necessary particles of proteins, DNA and fats present in our body to destroy the cells in our body through chain reactions. The need of Antioxidants is felt in such conditions to prevent the destruction of body cells. Thus, Antioxidants are the chemicals that can neutralize the reaction of free radicals by deactivating them, making them inevitable part for our body. A continuous supply of antioxidants is, therefore, need for keeping our body fit and healthy. 

The reactions of free radicals can cause even heart diseases and cancer alongwith increasing the ageing effects at early stage. Antioxidants have the quality to deactivate the actions of free radicals to save our body cells from destruction. Vitamin E, C and beta-carotene are some of the usually used antioxidants but there are some other less known elements like litein, lycopene etc. that are beneficial for our body. 

Vitamin A and Carotenoids can be got from sweet potatoes, Carrots, squash, collards, broccoli, cantaloupe, tomatoes, kale, apricots and peaches. Citrus fruits like lime, oranges and strawberries and green leafy vegetables, green peppers, tomatoes and broccoli are good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin E and Selenium can be got from green leafy vegetables, nuts & seeds, whole grains, fish & shellfish, red meat, eggs, chicken, garlic, vegetable oil and liver oil. Flavonoids / polyphenols, Lycopene, Lutein, Lignan etc. are other forms of antioxidants can also be got from these food items which are useful for us in reducing the effect of many crucial diseases.

Thus, Antioxidants are the useful ingredients of our food which are helpful in reducing the destructive action of the chemical reactions of the free radicals produced by the process of oxidation.

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