What are Argyle Socks

We wear all types of socks especially for protecting our feet. The history behind the invention of socks is interesting one. We nowadays, usually use socks in our everyday life. It was not common in the centuries ago. The drama player first used the socks in the stage. They used the socks only in their professional life. It was not for their common life utensil. Comic actors exercised to wear a special type of soft shoe during the Roman Empire, called soccus. The modern term “sock” has come from this ancient term. Since that ancient stage, socks have become the daily-used garments. Nowadays, socks exist in the market in diverse range of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles along with patterns. Now all the people ranging from most dressy to casual wear socks. The argyle sock belongs to the casual class. They sometimes are in single colored and sometimes they’re in multicolored pattern. These have the fabric design, which consists of diamond shape sometimes in outer side or sometimes at round the cuff.

The Brooks brothers and the John Clark Wood was the USA president in 1949. They brought the argyle sock for the 1st occasion towards the US citizens. Wearing this type of sock they began the new casual look in the fashion globe and since then this type of sock had started its victorious journey towards reaching at publics’ heart. Nowadays, it has become very renowned and fashionable among the both common and fashion conscious people round the planet. The historical story behind the discovery of argyle sock as a fashion commodity is quite interesting. John Wood was then in Scotland to attend a golf tournament. There he saw a golfer to play golf wearing a special type of sock consisting of a distinct type of fabric design. This special design had the name argyle. Scot clansmen partially cut their traditional checked wardrobe for covering their feet during that period and thereby a unique diamond pattern got its existence at one side of socks. This unique diamond pattern has the name as argyle pattern.

Knitting argyle pattern got the popularity so much among the masses and they remain in the market gorgeously. Majority of the public often purchase their socks from retail shops irrespective of fashionable pattern. They purchase it any kind of pattern and style. The emergence of knotting machine has spread the knitting socks widely among the people round the planet. Only those, who’re still enjoying the challenge of wearing socks having complex argyle pattern, stay away from knitting socks.

These socks have the long-term relationship with the golfers across the globe. The classic dressing style of a golfer, which is ever active in our mind, includes a cap, golf shirt, and knit vest along with knickers with off course socks having argyle pattern.

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