What are Beauty Marks

Whenever there is a prose written on the beauty of women, her beauty mark is especially mentioned thus glorifying her look further. Beauty marks or spots as the name implies are dark marks or moles on the face or any other body part which looks beautiful or rather attractive. Since such marks enhance the facial beauty, people also go in for creating false moles as a part of their makeup. In fact, there was a time when such marks were purchased and used by many celebrities that generated a new trend in fashion.

 To achieve beauty status such marks are made somewhere on the face and not too many of them are appreciated and moreover not all moles are attractive and pleasing to the personality.

Beauty mark could have been a mark since birth or may have developed in the first few years of life i.e. which has come naturally; or it could also be those false beauty marks which is made for attraction. A beauty mark or a mole which is medically termed as melanocytic nevus can look attractive only in few cases.

Most of these marks or moles are generated from beneath the skin. They become beauty marks when they are projected and slightly raised from above the layer of skin. However, mark which looks asymmetrical in shape is not considered to be attractive. Rather such disproportionate or abnormal marks could be an indication of any skin problem.

Now beauty marks that are considered to be unattractive, people having them would definitely wish to get rid of it permanently. Although technically there are no ways of getting rid of them permanently, unless one is contemplating facial surgery; there are definitely few remedies to make them look less ugly or unattractive. There are many home remedies that work wonders and lighten these ugly marks (Nevertheless, before going for any home remedy one must also get all the moles checked from a dermatologist to rule out any skin problem).

 Some favored home remedies to lighten these ugly marks are:

  • Applying crushed garlic over the spots to lighten them to an extent though not completely. One must remember to cover the mole with a plaster that could be removed after few hours. This procedure can be repeated up to thrice a day.
  • Sunscreen also works in many cases. Avoid getting directly exposed to sunlight for long and apply sunscreen repeatedly.
  • Oranges and lemons are rich in citric acid which helps as a bleaching agent to remove pigmentation and thus have lightening effect on these moles. One will have to just squeeze the juice and massage around the marks with a cotton swab dipped in the juice.
  • Lemon juice can also be mixed with equal amount of honey and applied over the beauty marks. This could be repeated every day for enhanced impact.
  • Mix 1 tbspn yogurt with ½ tspn turmeric powder and apply as a pack and wash off when dried. This is another home remedy that is time tested and has produced positive outcomes.

It is certain that beauty marks can look good but for other few can create discomfort. However, it is always safe to get them medically tested to rule out any doubts about them being beauty mark or something else.

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