What are Best Interview Questions for Managers

When it comes to supervising employees, you are only as good as your leadership. For this reason, many companies ask very targeted questions to their management candidates during interviews. Knowing and understanding these questions and the motives behind asking them can be the difference between getting the job and being one of the countless resumes that find their way to the shredder. Here is a look at some candid managerial interview questions, and the answers that will ensure you get the job:

Question – Why do you wish to work for our company?

This question is always asked in management interviews to gauge the amount of interest an employee has in a company, but also to find out how thorough they are. A management candidate that takes the time to learn about their company is one that is more likely to be a “company man” and keep their best interests in mind.

Answer – “I picked your company because I knew that your mission statement matched my management philosophy. I feel we would be a great fit together given our similar plans for the future.”

Question – What are your strengths and weaknesses as a manager?

Employers know that egos play a big part in keeping a tight ship. They also know that confidence is a vital part of being a great leader and manager. Since both of these things are equally important, your answer should blend confidence with humility as seamlessly as possible.

Answer – “I believe that one of my greatest strengths is my ability to notice when I am making a mistake. Those mistakes get corrected because I am not too egotistical to see and fix them.”

Question – Tell me about yourself.

This simple question is one where you can literally blow the interview up in seconds. Most people take this time to tell the interviewer all about their life story and proceed to bore them to tears. A good response would be to simply describe and those things that define you without professionally without gobs of details. Also, you should mention your family and primary hobbies if they are not counterproductive to the job.

Answer – “I feel that one of my best traits is my ability to lead people. In school, and in the jobs leading up to my destiny here, I have spent a great deal of time learning and refining my leadership skills. My wife and two kids teach me all about leadership every day through being a good provider and making sure they are taken care of.”

Question – What is the main thing you need to know in order to lead?

This question is used to determine your leadership style. Some companies are looking for a leader that is unflinching, but most are wanting a leader that knows how to be flexible. If you try to lead through ego, you will have a very difficult time finding a job.

Answer – “My leadership style is really determined by my employees. While I can certainly lead by example and prefer to do so, I am also capable of delegating to my employees and teaching them to take my job. If I can reproduce my own abilities, then I am leading in a good way.”

Question – What qualifications make you valuable to this position?

When you come to a management interview, you need to know your resume well. More pointedly, you need to know those parts of your resume that make you uniquely qualified for the position you are applying for. For example, if you are trying to become a manager at a printing store, you might want to mention that you have worked with copiers as your college internship. Know what your selling points are and reveal them!

Answer – “I worked as a shift manager at a copy store for two years as an intern during college. Since that time, I have led the Southeastern division of XYZ Corporation to record increases in sales and profit. I have a strong ability to reproduce results in any setting.”

Question – How do you handle it when you have to fire someone?

In this question, the interviewer is looking for compassion and strength at the same time. You do not want a manager that is incapable of doing the dirty work, but you also do not want one that revels in it. A mixture of strength and compassion is absolutely vital.

Answer – “Though firing or disciplining someone is never a pleasure, it is a necessity in any management position. While this is not something I like to do as a manager, I can and will do so as needed.”

Question – Tell me about a time when…

While technically this is not a question, it is an inevitable request in a managerial interview. Sometimes they want to know about a time when you had to correct someone, and sometimes it is about how you handled a sticky situation. The bottom line is that you should have several good answers ready for every situation.

Answer – Any one of several pre-selected scenarios from your own experiences.

These are far from the only management questions and answers that will help you get the job, but they are very common ones. If you prepare yourself for these, you are almost certain to get at least half of them in an interview. The important part is to sell yourself, without coming across as egotistical or boring. That perfect blend is the key to making a great impression, and finding your next employment in the management field.

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