What are Bike Shorts

Among the endless list of sports gear, bike shorts constitute a major place, for the reason that comfortable rigs make you feel more confident. So let’s see what a bike shorts will have to do in athletics or for any sport. “Bike shorts” which are also known by various names like “cycling shorts”, “Knicks” or “bicycling shorts” are short and tight fitting accessories for legs designed especially for cyclists to improve their comfort as well as function on the cycle.

Bike shorts are usually made of a light weight and close knitted fabric which protects from excessive moisture accumulating during cycling. It is also designed with an elastic band at the end of its legs which is generally above the knee length, in order to prevent the shorts from crawling up during cycling. They are made of various panels and seamed together to give slimming effect on waist, legs and the hips and to have room for the contours of the body. Another special feature of bike shorts is the extra padding given to the shorts, inside the crotch area, which supports the skin underneath from rashes and irritations and offers wonderful cushioning during bumps on the road.

Early cycling shorts were typically made of wool, so that stains are hidden, with a patch of chamois leather, in the crotch area, that reduced abrasion to a large extent. Modern bike shorts are made of Lycra material with synthetic lining in crotch. Bike shorts are also available in various styles and shapes suiting individual preferences. Shorts are designed to suit the genders also which means women should not try out the shorts meant for men and also the other way round. These shorts are designed to be worn without the underwear for; it is already made of several panels with a lining.

There are two common types of bike shorts. One comes with an elastic band at the waist whereas the other is just a bib-type short without the waistband, with a suspender type straps to hold up the shorts. This type of shorts is increasingly popular for its design which doesn’t let the shorts become loose from the waist or rather doesn’t make it tight at the waist. This gives more a comfort fit when compared to the normal looking bike shorts. However the former is also designed for cycling with chamois leather and is more suitable for riding around the city.

Bike shorts have become a big boon for the riders not only making them comfortable but also confident in taking part in long distance riding events.