What are Blemishes

Blemishes cause discoloration of skin. Blemishes are associated with marks that can make people disgusted. Any type of skin discoloration in the form of pimples, blackheads and white heads are forms of blemishes as well. Such skin discoloration forms due to environmental factors including pollution. It is necessary to make sure that the skin mar does not encounter clothing and hair as it can aggravate the skin problem substantially. Majority of skin flaws result due to clogged pores.

Causes of Blemishes

Skin mars can occur when one makes use of moisturizer, night creams, foundations, toiletries and other types of comedogenics. It is advisable for every individual experiencing skin flaws to make use of non-comedogenic. Such types of skin mar cause due to different factors. The prime factors are as follows:

  • Caused Due to Bumps and Pimples
  • Caused Due to Acne
  • Blemishes Occur due to Clogged Pores
  • Inflammation
  • Clothing

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, blemishes can also occur due to hormonal changes and stress. Androgen is a popular hormone responsible for causing blemishes. The main reason for the above-mentioned fact is simply that the hormone increases the production of sebum.

Hormonal Imbalance

The gradual accumulation of sebum block the skin pores and increases the possibility of the multiplication of bacteria. Blemishes occur among pregnant women as well. Women can suffer from skin mars during menstruation cycle as well. Individuals suffering from blemishes due to hormonal imbalance should take help of certain forms of medications. Oral corticosteroids prove to be beneficial for treating skin mars for both sexes.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments can prove to be effective in helping to treat skin mars. The best possible ways to treat skin mars naturally are as follows:

  • Application of Heated Honey and Rinsing with Water
  • Rinsing with Mixture of Apple Cider and Eight Parts Water
  • Application of Lemon Juice
  • Application of Vitamin E and Castor Oil

Protection Against Ultra Violet Rays Another effective type of treatment for getting rid of blemishes is to protect the skin from harmful Ultra Violet rays. It is always a good habit to apply sunscreen lotion before venturing out. Application of foundation powder along with SPF will go a long way in helping to prevent skin scars as well. Aging people should drink plenty of water-minimum 6 to 8 glasses water on a daily basis. Intake of healthy food with sufficient quantity of green vegetables is also necessary if one desires to remain free from blemishes.

Self Medication is strongly discouraged for treating blemishes. It is always advisable to seek consultation with a trusted dermatologist. It is necessary to figure out the specific type of treatment that one should perform to avoid further complications. It becomes a lot easier to keep oneself free from skin blemish when one knows the exact cause and associated preventive necessary measures.

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