What are Board Shorts

Boardshorts are also known as swim shorts are a type of shorts which are worn primarily men and with passage of time by women too. Originally, the shorts were made for Sports which are related to water and primarily for board surfing in the seas. They have become popular as beach and summer wear over the passage of time.

The name boardshorts as the name suggests is associated with boards which are used for surfing the waves. In some parts of the world they are called boards and in others they are referred to as boardies and “baggies” in yet other countries. These are most popular in northern America and with similar sports becoming famous were adapted to similar sports like skateboarding. These can also be found in men’s beach volleyball. Rest of the world their use and fame is less compared to the Americas primarily due to the lesser popularity of the associated sports.

Made primarily from nylon and other man made fabrics, which are quick drying, a quality essential for clothing worn in water, these are durable and adaptable. Compared to other forms of wear for water related activities the board shorts come with double safety with a cord around the waist to ensure tight grip on the waist to prevent strong grip on body while being in strong waves. The shorts are longer when compared to the other forms of shorts. These typically go below the knees. This has come as a practical solution of saving the body hair of the surfer from being ripped from body because of the sticky wax on the board which helps surfer in securing grip on the board. We have to remember that before the surfer stands on the board he has to sit on the board which has the sticky wax on it and if the shorts are not long the body hair will stick with the board and will be ripped off body. There are some other innovations to the board shorts keeping in mind the needs of the sport and the sportsperson, like using seamless design or using glue for joints is one of the variation primarily used for the board shorts. Another variation is use of synthetic rubber in the area of fly to give stretch opening and thus preventing any untoward incident with the hair.

The board shorts have also been adapted for some forms of martial arts which are demonstrative or competitive in nature. Countries with large coast lines and with beaches are the ones where the demand of board shorts is higher and thus even availability of specialized manufacturers.

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