What are Budget Airlines

Everyone dreams to fly, but millions of people are yet to realize the dream of flying. Then, what is dissuading them to go ahead to realize this coveted dream? The money they have to pay in order to avail the services. The fare of Airplanes was very high, a decade back. In fact, airlines were only meant for the ultra rich people. A common man can afford to pay exorbitant money, only to reach at a place in a short period of time. Fortunately, a great idea struck to the minds of luxurious airline services providers. The concept of ‘Budget Airline’ was born.

Few years, back there was only a single type of air carriers and that was full service carrier. Full service carrier means the flying person will not reach at his or her destination in a jiffy but get much more during the journey.

Let us discus the features of full service airlines from the beginning. The airport lounges of full service airliners are full of modern and expensive amenities. One can expect the biggest and most modern TV, high quality AC, priceless couches, expensive magazines and tabloids inside these lounges. Once the person gets into a full service provider plane, then he or she will be treated like a royal guest and that to none other than by beautiful and charming girls. The seats of full service airlines are the most comfortable ones. At the same time, during the journey, the person will be offered by many things like tea, coffee, juices, expensive scotch, delicious meals, and high in cocoa chocolates and many more. Most of these things are unnecessary. But they do this because of the status symbol.

The airliners had to target the middle class people, because they are the majority. They had to pull the train travelers to the airlines. The only way to do that was by slashing the cost of the ticket. The cost of the fuel was out of their control. Same was true in case of the cost of air planes. So, they decided to prune the unnecessary features of the air travelling.

You hardly find airport lounges of budget airlines. You may not get a dedicated music player inside the budget airline. LCD would not be there. You will be either offered meal, as per the meal plan or you will not be offered with any meal at all. Though, you will find air hostesses, but they are not gorgeously dressed like the full service carriers. However, the journey time is same both in budget airlines and full service airlines and that is what matters to the common people.

The tickets of budget airlines come at a considerably lower price than those of full time service providers. This is the reason why, the world is now going after fulltime service providers. 

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