What are Cataracts

The light passes through the clear lens of the normal eyes to create clear and sharp image on the retina of the eyes to give a clear vision to the person. But the blurring of the lens can hinder the vision which seems to be cloudy or foggy which may cause dull or less clear vision o the person effected. The poorness of vision increases with the increase in blurredness. Thus, cataract can be partial or complete in nature.

Types of cataract

Cataracts can be of two types:

Congenital Cataracts:
These types of cataracts are usually experienced in new born babies in their early age. These are also detected severally at later stage and are known as juvenile, developmental or infantile cataracts. This chromosomal situation of the cataract was discovered after extensive researches and the most effected gene that causes this type of cataracts was also decoded by the scientists.

Age related cataracts:
This is the most usual form of cataract in human being and the lens of the eyes get blurred with the increase in the age of the effected person. The effected person will experience difficulty in reading or driving a car- most probably when it is dark. He becomes deprived of the visionary excellence even in recognizing other people. This is a painless disease which affects the vision for the distant objects, at first, to the person suffering from cataracts.

Initially this disease is not easily traceable as it develops gradually. It causes adverse effect on the vision which is cured by the change in eye glasses or increasing the light intensity which can improve the vision for the time being. But after some time, depending on individual conditions and other general health condition of the patient, the vision gets blocked and surgery is considered as the last resort in this condition, which has a high ratio of recovery chances. This eye disease is equally found among men as well as women.

Cataracts are the most common disease of eyes that is found globally as compared to other eye diseases. It is found in developing countries likeBangladesh,Philippines, Kenya etc. where most of the poor people get affected with it but it has been revealed through surveys that developed countries also experience this disease in most of their elderly citizens which are deprived of the health care services due to their socio-economic conditions. More than 50% of persons aged above 65 years are normally found suffering with this eye disease even in developed countries likeUK, USA etc. Age is considered to be the most effecting factor of cataract and most of us are considered to be the victim of this disease in near future, with the increase of our age.

Thus, cataracts are the most common disease of the eyes that can be experienced by most of the elderly persons all over the world.

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