What Are Chiggers

Chiggers are the larvae form of a type of insect mite that comes from the family of trombiculidae. Mites are similar to spiders and the ticks, which we see, in our everyday life. This is a type of mite, which is found all over the world. They are found mostly in the rivers and lakes where moisture is in abundance. This can also be the forest regions and are close to the ground, as they prefer humid places to survive.

The chiggers bite the human skin when they are on the host. They take the places of shit sleeves, cuffs, pants and other similar regions. They like to feed in the places where the skin is very thin and easy to penetrate. This is because the feeding structures are not very strong to penetrate on the other areas of the skin.

There is a common myth that the chiggers borrow into the skin and thereby stay there. However, this is not true. They just insert their feeding structures and emit a certain type of enzyme which causes damage to the tissue of the host. This causes the hardening of the skin surrounding their feeding structure and this form the feeding tube for them. This tube is known as the stylostome. The chiggers then feed on the spoilt tissue through the stylostome. They have the potential to say in the same place and feed from the stylostome if they are not disturbed. However, this is not the case as they are immediately removed from the body as soon as they start to feed. The itchiness that they cause while feeding is very prominent.

Once the chigger bite is infested, the most common symptoms are as follows. The first symptom is the itching of the skin that prolongs for a long time. It can cause a blister and redden the area, which is infected with the chigger bite. The itching is very intense within two days of the bite.

The main treatment to the chigger bite is to remove the itching that is persisting. This can be done with the help of some anti-inflammatory crèmes. There are also come oral medicines which can be taken with the consultancy of the doctor. The symptoms are not prolonged, as they will disappear in a few days.

However, one can easily prevent the chiggers with a few hygiene methods followed on a daily basis. One can wash their hands and legs with soap after coming back from the outdoors. Washing the clothes with warm water will also remove the chiggers from them and thereby prevent any type of bites on the body.