What are Chukkas

Chukka boots or turf boots are also known as ankle-length boots. They have two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing. They are usually made from animal skins. Leather is a very important material used for making the chukka boots. Chukka boots are made up of calfskin, suede, canvas or vinyl. More exotic materials for chukka boots are snake skin and crocodile skin. The fashion for chukkas was started in the late 1940s and 1950s as casual wear.

The first chukka boots were called so because they resembled boots worn by polo game players. They have got the name chukka from the game of polo. Chukkas is also used in the game of polo, they are the separate intervals of time during which the game of polo is played. The word chukka is familiar to the polo player and people who are interested in the game.

They have lot of similarities with the desert boots also. The desert boots were worn by British forces in World War II. The only difference between the desert boots and chukkas is that they are looser at the ankle than chukka boots and have a crepe sole.

True chukkas are ankle length boots and they will have only two or three sets of eyelets for lacing. Many designers today described chukkas that may fall a little below or a little above the ankle. They number of eyelets on chukkas are general in excess of two. Now that can be found in different styles, chukkas can be bought for any occasion, be it casual, outdoor activities, or as office wear. They may also be known as low-rise hikers or lace-up boots. They are most popular as a man’s shoe but due to its popularity amongst children and women, they are available for children and women as well.

Various shoes manufacturers and companies make them in various colors and new styles have been added over a period of time. They are available at various prices as they are made for different categories depending on age, sex and style. These look quite similar to shoes worn by soldiers so one may confuse them with combat boots which are primarily for soldiers. Today they have developed into a boot of choice for many men and have gone on to become popular with women and children as well.

Many a time, boots with the low style ankle are mistaken as chukka boots. As many shoes other than chukkas have low style ankle. If the boot has more than three eyelets for lacing it is not a true original chukka style of boot.

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