What are Circulation Socks

Circulation socks are particular type of socks that help in proper circulation of blood in foot and legs. These are sometimes also called compression socks. These are accessible in dress and sports style.

The body pumps the blood in all organs of the body including the extreme ends of body such as legs and feet. But due to gravity sometimes the blood pool in the lower legs and feet which causes circulatory problems such as edema, phlebitis and thrombosis. In these situations circulatory socks are use. In these socks elastic such as rubber or spandex or Lycra are use which creates a pressure on the legs and feet. By compressing the veins, arteries and muscles, blood is made to flow in the entire body and return to the heart and less blood to pool in the feet.

The pressure is strongest at the ankle and decreases up the leg. How much pressure is put on your legs is represented by millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

In appearance, these socks are similar to that of regular socks. The dressy type socks can be used regularly without any difference and sports type can be worn while playing different games like tennis, football.

In normal socks pressure is there to keep the socks in place but in circulation socks pressure is provided to stimulate blood flow.

Diabetic socks and circulation socks are not similar. Diabetic socks are use to handle peripheral neuropathy and circulatory problems. In peripheral neuropathy diabetic person is not able to feel pain on his/her foot because high blood sugar level has caused a serious damage to nerve system and circulatory problems are related with proper flow of blood to the extremities. But the person who wants to control their diabetes or who is in pre-diabetic state may find circulation socks more effective.

It is very easy to purchase these socks and they are available in different styles. These socks can also be purchased online.

The person who is suffering from post-thrombotic syndrome in which there is extreme pain in the legs due to blood clot, that person can reduce the risk by using graduated compression socks.

Tips for best result when using circulation socks:-

Wear these socks every day. Use rubber gloves to get a better grip. If you can’t tolerate wearing the socks all day, wear them for few hours and gradually increase the timing. Keep legs and feet warm for good circulation.

Never cut, alter or fold these socks.

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