What are Common Strategies to Cure Cancer

Even after years of research, medical people have yet to discover a treatment to cure cancer completely. There are many ways which helps in curing cancer but in most of the cases, these methods do not cure it completely. Cancer can be of many types like mouth cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer etc. and the way these cancers are treated depends on their type and the stage of the cancer. There are 2 ways that are used to cure cancer which are:-

Modern treatment: It is used to kill or destroy the cancer cells. Traditional treatment: it is used to improve the immunity system to fight the cancer cells.

Traditional treatments include acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation etc. But each and every treatment is used for a different type of cancer and it also depends upon the patient’s condition and the stage of the cancer. Modern treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy.

Chemotherapy: chemotherapy is a treatment which uses drugs to kill cancerous cells in the body. It is done on regular basis and if this works then cancer can be cured forever. But this kind of treatment has many side effects. It can lead to the loss of blood cells in human body which can in turn cause lack of oxygen in the body. It can also lead to hair loss and severe pain, fatigue and discomfort. Radiation therapy: it uses high radiations to cure cancer. It is mostly done to shrink the tumor. Its side effects can include skin infections, itching, vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness etc. Radiation therapy can also be used in combination with other therapies like chemotherapy and surgery. Surgery: surgery is the most common way to treat cancer. In this technique, the organ of the body which is affected by cancer is removed or only the tumor is removed if it has not yet affected that organ. Hormone therapy: this technique is used to cure breast cancer, prostate cancer. There are certain hormones which promotes the growth of the cells which are a reason for breast cancer. Hormone therapy aims at slowing down the growth of such hormones.

When all these therapies stop working then palliative treatments are used to reduce the pain and discomfort faced by the cancer patients. These treatments help them to improve the quality of their life and to live a more comfortable life which would otherwise be impossible for a cancer patient.

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