What Are Common Supplement Side Effects

Supplements are nutrients that are provided alternatively to the body rather that gaining them with the consumption of food. The nutrients here refer to vitamins, proteins, minerals and others essential for the running of the body.  Lately there are new methods invented to increase a particular nutrient in the body like proteins. These supplements are called dietary supplements.  They are mainly used for dietary purposes like mass building or even to reduce weight. However, nothing comes with an ease as these dietary supplements have their own set of advantages and also side effects. This article discusses a few side effects caused by the usage of supplements.

There are a few supplements which are recommended to be avoided as they lead to side effects. Some of the side effects caused due to the excess intake of supplements are mentioned below: –

  • Inflammation With Joint Pains – This is one of the side effects commonly caused. The supplements add unnecessary protein in to the body and if not utilized properly would remain in the body. This excess deposition of supplements in the body without using it leads to inflammation in a few parts of the body. This also leads to joint pains.
  • Weight Loss – Consuming a few supplements also results in weight loss which is a common side effect. The intake of supplements in the body, if not in the right dosages might reduce hunger and thus leads to weight loss.
  • Infections – Different types of infections are caused upon the consumption of various supplements. These infections if not treated with care might also lead to severe consequences.
  • Respiratory Problems – Intake of supplements to the body adds additional pressure to the respiratory organs to pump more energy to burn the supplements. This excess pressure on the respiratory organs might cause respiratory problems.
  • Delay in Menstrual Cycle – Intake of excess supplements also has its effect on the menstrual cycle in females. Consumption of supplements in excess might lead to delay in the menstrual cycle, or even leading to excess menstruation which is not good for the metabolism of the body.
  • Mental Instability – Intake of supplements also has its effects on the mental body. Some of the side effects include mental depression, feeling low and restless.

These are a few common side effects caused with the intake of supplements. Hence, it is always recommended to consume the supplements in right proportions. Right research is necessary before selecting the supplement.