What Are Concurrent Powers

Some of the countries out there have a federal governmental system. The powers of the nation are referred to be the concurrent powers. These are usually shared by both the federal government and the state governments. It is possible that the concurrent powers could be simultaneously exercised just within the limited territories. Reserved powers are just opposite to that of the concurrent powers. Examples for concurrent powers of the federal government and the state governments could be illustrative enough.


  • The power to build bridges, subways, lay roads, and so on
  • The power to establish all rules and regulations pertaining to the bankruptcy laws.
  • The power to create the lower courts to simplify the operations of the higher courts.
  • The power to levy taxes for the people under their jurisdictions
  • The power to build metro rail systems

Likewise, the concurrent laws could be varying depending upon the particular country, their local legislative rules and amendments. Basically, these powers are to manage, control and coordinate the wealth and resources to be adequately useful to the common man. It is to create responsibility in every other individual citizen that they are part of the society and they will have to pay for that in the form of taxes and they would get the other benefits in return to that.

No one can live all alone and when it comes to living in society, there should be enough sharing of work and benefits as well. No one should overshadow, affect or inhibit the prosperity and well being of the others just because of their innate strength, wit and assets. In order to ensure that this equality prevails all over the territory powers are granted to the administrators of the state and federal government.

They should use these concurrent powers to make sure that every other individual under their territory is not deprived of their right by any means. Fundamental needs of every other common man should be fulfilled. The needy and the orphans and disabled should be taken care appropriately. They should be fed with the additional resources that are derived from the labor of the others. It is how a balance is to be maintained all the time in order to maintain equality and that is the prime objective behind the concurrent powers granted to the authorities.

Still what happens in reality is entirely different from that of the actual objectives of implementing such a framework of laws and issuance of concurrent powers to the leaders that are actually elected by the people of the country. There is not any monarch or dictatorship that offers the concurrent powers but the democratic countries which say that they are for the people and ruled by the people. In such a case, there should not be any beggar found in the streets of any democratic nation. There should not any family that suffers well below the poverty line from generations together.

There should not by any gypsy communities that starve for their every day bread and butter. Are these people not working or ready to work for their survival? They are far more active workers than the other classes of citizens of the same country. Still they are deprived of their rights, power and fundamental needs to live, eat and survive healthy ways. It is to be changed and then only the concurrent powers could really make any sense to be granted to these administrators of the democratic nations of the world.